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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Apr CruzNuh shouted:
Taklar, Dargoth, Karmok and Knut The former yugoslav republic o

22-Apr Drywallrxs shouted:

22-Apr Mine-Bosstag shouted:
Ortega, Benito, Silvio and Yespas Ecuador

22-Apr AldoNef shouted:
Thorek, Hanson, Keldron and Topork Cambodia

22-Apr Lauraves shouted:
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Server statistics

Alliances 40
Players: 457
Villages: 7,127
Population: 4,854,986
Last updated: 16-01-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Jand. 16-Jangrowthgrowth in %
A cheesebutt SPORK89389300.00%
I cheesebutt SPORK87987900.00%
K cheesebutt SPORK84084000.00%
D cheesebutt SPORK92692600.00%
01. Al Bundy CFalcon04 TTPS1340134000.00%
AC Danny-Dan54854800.00%
zeppole Gio Knife87787700.00%
*Chanel CoCo Knife80980900.00%
SpaceStation Spaceman **GOB**94794700.00%
Avatar Land Avatar **GOB**92992900.00%
GOB Wizard **GOB**89689600.00%
SnowHut SnowCat *GOB*1208120800.00%
zz Gold DoubleX SPORK1076107600.00%
Tyr Rikus76876800.00%
Kamui !! ComicBkJim SPORK95095000.00%
Sakura-Chan ComicBkJim SPORK90890800.00%
2.0 Twelfth Night Haunted_Tempest Knife93893800.00%
01Bartville Bart Dethtung SPORK96396300.00%
[1] St. Helens Tephra FEW*86786700.00%
MD WW 01 Titamus MD63763700.00%
Joker Johnrotten GOB86286200.00%
J cheesebutt SPORK66066000.00%
Anaxagoras ComicBkJim SPORK89389300.00%
deaths door deaths door VD84884800.00%
Village ZombieGal Hello35635600.00%
Josephina Village josephina73773700.00%
Tuggie Village Rastafari Knife90690600.00%
01 deth SPORK80380300.00%
Alpha Sigma **GOB**1000100000.00%
`Shooter` Zevea **GOB**95495400.00%
Ivo WingArt GOB93093000.00%
01 •Mixtape Vol. 2 Raw Poetry81781700.00%
01. 38 Special Right 2 Carry Knife72172100.00%
01. Benefits Perks SPORK88088000.00%
01 Ted Bundy Killer Jaz Few99799700.00%
Alpha dragon mititus MD85385300.00%
01grump?s villa Titamus MD97497400.00%
L cheesebutt SPORK91791700.00%
Ace Johnrotten GOB87387300.00%
Spartans 01 stc5103 GOB89689600.00%
1. AequitasVeritas Hocake GOB93393300.00%
Why Go evolutionbaby MD59759700.00%
00 Resist Obama HQ bill30097 **GOB**91691600.00%
111 Marcus VD95595500.00%
03. Bi-winning machielsj Knife96196100.00%
Atlantis Octavius **GOB**99799700.00%
5 Going Forward Kreeganoid Few90090000.00%
Cuerna de Toro Geramias VD23023000.00%
01. Bérgoa Prometheus SPORK98598500.00%
WishMaster Wish **GOB**98798700.00%