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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Aug Grubuzpl shouted:
Jose, Hatlod, Fadi and Milok Togo

22-Aug Leezok shouted:
Surus, Tizgar, Joey and Reto Greece

22-Aug Rockorub shouted:
Folleck, Grompel, Treslott and Dan Mauritius

22-Aug TornIcek shouted:
Tragak, Lee, Lars and Samuel Mongolia

22-Aug CleoMef shouted:
Dating for..

Server statistics

Alliances 40
Players: 457
Villages: 7,127
Population: 4,854,986
Last updated: 16-01-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Jand. 16-Jangrowthgrowth in %
*Wonder me* spacecookie VD1019101900.00%
Easy Thumper Few94994900.00%
04 Sallah KaliMa GOB88688600.00%
Cydonia haryx024 MD81581500.00%
Laramie Wyoming GOB95495400.00%
New Village Fil47047000.00%
Starvin Marvin South Park **GOB**91091000.00%
A2. Keesler AFB USAF_RN Nemesis98898800.00%
Alpha tnucnuc TTPS96696600.00%
BOOM Magnus Few87487400.00%
19. churchill Verasalis GOB68668600.00%
BI-White Wedding Dannored Few79679600.00%
03 Troops Nameless SPORK94794700.00%
Bahamut Mako GOB85285200.00%
Vr. Pygmalion Tempus Ladle72972900.00%
gelato Gio Knife72572500.00%
The Last Snow SnowCat *GOB*88788700.00%
Tankpark Salute WingArt GOB85785700.00%
Cuernavaca Geramias VD50450400.00%
03. Alesia Prometheus SPORK1026102600.00%
{8} Uchiha Dark_Assassin TTPS88388300.00%
02 The Jackson 5 The Jackson 5 SPORK75675600.00%
CCX korterican MD83783700.00%
Demon Wolfs Legolas10 VD77677600.00%
Z town haryx024 MD88288200.00%
Jack 3 jackthelad2365 **GOB**88288200.00%
V1 gothi TTPS83483400.00%
1.0 Well Fine Then bsehlers SPORK93093000.00%
Siren Mako GOB95695600.00%
dragons kiss Randalthor Few92692600.00%
Alice`s Restaurant Mack Nemesis90790700.00%
N JACKSON57157100.00%
F4 Flumper Nemesis64764700.00%
1.0 Crosby silverking Knife90690600.00%
Up Town Prisy MD1108110800.00%
01. gear..go machielsj Knife81081000.00%
Petticoat Junction Union Station Nemesis95095000.00%
XXs. Endymion Tempus Ladle1043104300.00%
XIIs. Thoth Tempus Ladle88888800.00%
K cheesebutt SPORK84084000.00%
I cheesebutt SPORK87987900.00%
01. Al Bundy CFalcon04 TTPS1340134000.00%
SpaceStation Spaceman **GOB**94794700.00%
Village ZombieGal Hello35635600.00%
Alpha Sigma **GOB**1000100000.00%
01. 38 Special Right 2 Carry Knife72172100.00%
Alpha dragon mititus MD85385300.00%
Ace Johnrotten GOB87387300.00%
5 Going Forward Kreeganoid Few90090000.00%
00 Resist Obama HQ bill30097 **GOB**91691600.00%