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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Jun Grimbollturadroff shouted:
Finley, Yussuf, Zakosh and Yokian Mozambique

16-Jun OwenEagergo shouted:
Kurt, Malir, Cobryn and Renwik Turkmenistan

16-Jun SanchoAttighica shouted:
Onatas, Moff, Arakos and Tom Papua new guinea

16-Jun RozhovImmat shouted:
Lester, Spike, Felipe and Gelford Virgin islands, british

16-Jun Riordianwoltare shouted:
Faesul, Jensgar, Daro and Will Croatia

Server statistics

Alliances 40
Players: 457
Villages: 7,127
Population: 4,854,986
Last updated: 16-01-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Jand. 16-Jangrowthgrowth in %
01. Al Bundy CFalcon04 TTPS1340134000.00%
Cavalry charge Teflon Billy ND1296129600.00%
*Sting Ray Sid Laf Kah Knife1259125900.00%
Yukayeke David Daniel TTPS1232123200.00%
The Haven Smite TTPS1224122400.00%
Fort A. edejkeller Ladle1223122300.00%
AC Gordon MOSM TTPS1217121700.00%
Pale Rider Legion VD1214121400.00%
*Hyrule haryx024 MD1209120900.00%
1 ANT tincan Nemesis1208120800.00%
SnowHut SnowCat *GOB*1208120800.00%
motocross66 motocross66 TTPS1197119700.00%
GOB vahaeraun **GOB**1190119000.00%
3 Tuesday Kreeganoid Few1183118300.00%
Keystone Heights breadstick TGOB*s1179117900.00%
underfire underfire TGOB*s1177117700.00%
01 lothar (1) dace74741173117300.00%
350 Oldman TTPS1171117100.00%
Snowhaven SnowCat *GOB*1164116400.00%
death is final deaths door VD1161116100.00%
`Blitz` Zevea **GOB**1160116000.00%
Interfere Six SPORK1152115200.00%
Paradox Village weejo77 TTPS1152115200.00%
00011 Charlie smrk1ngparadox SPORK1143114300.00%
GOB jackthelad2365 **GOB**1141114100.00%
Cap Lady Daisy Knife1138113800.00%
Anger Acropolis Dac Lancer SPORK1138113800.00%
1.0 Winters tale Haunted_Tempest Knife1137113700.00%
Yang aiki **GOB**1136113600.00%
Wizards Castle Wizard **GOB**1136113600.00%
A02 Moonshine hazzard TTPS1132113200.00%
A Castle Dark The Druid GOB WW1132113200.00%
Ganja Rastafari Knife1127112700.00%
36 DDD 2 kill SPORK1126112600.00%
01-The Zodiac testers SPORK1124112400.00%
Da Capital Rayhall VD1124112400.00%
11 Dragonmount Sarathello **GOB**1123112300.00%
1 cheesebutt SPORK1123112300.00%
Riegerville Tippy **GOB**1119111900.00%
zemm helper Nemesis1118111800.00%
Superman JLA VD1116111600.00%
Jody village dawson VD1114111400.00%
1. Yorkie fifi VD1113111300.00%
02 Peace&Love asterix135 Few1113111300.00%
Up Town Prisy MD1108110800.00%
Reposessed number 6 Teflon Billy ND1108110800.00%
alpha doc holliday MD1106110600.00%
Alternate Realities woad **GOB**1106110600.00%
Desolate Fields Wrath GOB1106110600.00%
. Marcus VD1105110500.00%