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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-May ConnorJotteds shouted:
Urkrass, Rune, Snorre and Trompok Dominican republic

25-May Temmyabnorge shouted:
Jens, Oelk, Jorn and Farmon Trinidad and tobago

25-May Marlogritalf shouted:
Marus, Ayitos, Altus and Elber Malaysia

25-May Nemrokmaisa shouted:
Julio, Olivier, Mirzo and Will Colombia

25-May JustinDat shouted:
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Server statistics

Alliances 82
Players: 737
Villages: 7,103
Population: 4,398,629
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
Aureus lodanjo Angels1316131600.00%
.SE? mattygamble Immortal1245124500.00%
ba apumi Demons1231123100.00%
Apple KingFire Demons1221122100.00%
Umofia vivosomuertos1214121400.00%
1. Devils Village Yel Demons1206120600.00%
1.Paradigm wetwang woman US1198119800.00%
HOOPS07 Village HOOPS07 core™1196119600.00%
Sleepy Phoenix Shenssio Caesar31190119000.00%
ρσякуριєƒα¢є Mental! PorkyPieFace Wolfpack1179117900.00%
Pumakolandia pumak Immortal1177117700.00%
Marcus gabs66 Demons1171117100.00%
10.Mobius Strip geomatrix Angels1163116300.00%
1 Drop Corded Plug Wolfpack1143114300.00%
Assassin Muffin Assassin Muffin caesar1139113900.00%
Londinium JW1991 caesar1138113800.00%
Rome Caesar Demons1136113600.00%
Unnatural 1 Externaleel Demons1136113600.00%
Antarctic Gibbo Demons1131113100.00%
Jiminiville Jimton1130113000.00%
THE FIRM THE FIRM Demons1128112800.00%
Elbasani Skenderbeu Angels1125112500.00%
10-Eboracum myrivion Angels1122112200.00%
04. Talia deedee21 Angels1120112000.00%
01 | S Travian Freak Demons1119111900.00%
Ace Burger Bar Lord Booth Immortal1119111900.00%
001 Horsebox horsebox FICC1118111800.00%
Radviliskis Stiopa core™1116111600.00%
Celtica Victorix Wolfpack1115111500.00%
CIA Azunyan Demons1112111200.00%
02nd Ave. DownThere caesar1111111100.00%
Grand Marnier Canal tyke US1110111000.00%
A Snug Fit +/ snug Immortal1109110900.00%
6 minussup markus antonius1107110700.00%
8 The oval Kaosboi Demons1105110500.00%
Αα Alpha Trishland Demons1105110500.00%
1.1 Adziville adzi Fools™1104110400.00%
7 Capch Kaosboi Demons1104110400.00%
Immortals Ados Immortal1103110300.00%
The Final Frontier IAMHANS US1103110300.00%
comrades 6 sandy9 Wolfpack1102110200.00%
2 Would I lie to you GetThemAll Wolfpack1100110000.00%
Sarmizegetusa Caesar Demons1100110000.00%
Immortals Ados Immortal1100110000.00%
Love from Wolfpack Nyarlathotep Wolfpack1099109900.00%
Charming Chamber Ihtiandr Demons1097109700.00%
03rd Ave. DownThere caesar1096109600.00%
08.Fields of Aaru Korrie RASE1096109600.00%
Cumidava Caesar Demons1095109500.00%
Carsidava Caesar Demons1095109500.00%