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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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24-Aug Asflt93Bem shouted:
Благоустройство, асфальтирование в краснодаре и крае

24-Aug jackiean60 shouted:
Hardcore Galleries with hot Hardcore photos

24-Aug graciemg69 shouted:
Hot galleries, daily updated collections

24-Aug Avksentiyniz shouted:
Онлайн порно с латиночками

24-Aug JordanVeist shouted:
Dating sites for sex

Server statistics

Alliances 75
Players: 653
Villages: 8,114
Population: 5,270,390
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
Hate14 misfits HATE™76351-712-93.32%
02 something ugly sickness TLW1079443-636-58.94%
Bowenite Arianrhod Hot Fuzz988437-551-55.77%
02 Albert Hall wicken UN957541-416-43.47%
2 gregg,s village gregg Noein724365-359-49.59%
The **** Is Back sickness TLW946661-285-30.13%
2 Thrud Hot Fuzz682452-230-33.72%
Falcons Reach Upon The Pun Inc903690-213-23.59%
wet weekend stormrider AMEN WW856646-210-24.53%
Blenheim MFC HATE™989784-205-20.73%
01 Rest Home Thrud Hot Fuzz475272-203-42.74%
Somme MFC HATE™562377-185-32.92%
08 Rest Home Thrud Hot Fuzz570394-176-30.88%
07 Rest Home Thrud Hot Fuzz598426-172-28.76%
14 Haer greendale AMEN WW480309-171-35.63%
Cochran astbury AMEN761590-171-22.47%
03 Rest Home Thrud Hot Fuzz705535-170-24.11%
Atiller the hun Guinevere UN620455-165-26.61%
lol lol lol lol Jaxta8 {TE}755598-157-20.79%
rainy day stormrider AMEN WW844690-154-18.25%
Rolling Rock Browndog UN2527375-152-28.84%
Nymphdora [W] Elphaba HATE™831685-146-17.57%
01 What a Waster spud AMEN833693-140-16.81%
A1 Joe Pesci AMEN WW1085945-140-12.90%
1 less Igloo big kev {TE}636499-137-21.54%
/ mmmmm AMEN WW894768-126-14.09%
A4 Joe Pesci AMEN WW806681-125-15.51%
Magrat [NW] Elphaba HATE™877754-123-14.03%
The Beezling Upon The Pun Inc484365-119-24.59%
II Choca Cinco TLW798680-118-14.79%
Lmao Lmao Jaxta8 {TE}678560-118-17.40%
01 stinger oker FROGS595481-114-19.16%
steve1 steve1 N.I.T™©868760-108-12.44%
Another Boxxx Farm ! Stevil EOS613507-106-17.29%
tornado bitter&twisted Inc590486-104-17.63%
Tissue cravex AMEN739635-104-14.07%
Udat Upon The Pun Inc590495-95-16.10%
LORD TUSK RIP bushidosan EOS1036941-95-9.17%
tornado bitter&twisted Inc540448-92-17.04%
Oenone Upon The Pun Inc567475-92-16.23%
12 Sally Sally Inc599512-87-14.52%
I Choca Cinco TLW744659-85-11.42%
Ha hahahaha Jaxta8 {TE}886803-83-9.37%
Sodium rayzor AMEN956874-82-8.58%
YARMY! Guinevere UN918837-81-8.82%
2E Drurz69 Helium737656-81-10.99%
ancrum Moor-6c agent oxygen UN21030949-81-7.86%
09 something weasel sickness TLW831751-80-9.63%
026 FromSilo bushidosan EOS738659-79-10.70%
Bye all :-) Jaxta8 {TE}857778-79-9.22%