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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Surus, Vigo, Rhobar and Mufassa Switzerland

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Kadok, Abe, Luca and Arokkh Federated states of micronesia

Server statistics

Alliances 165
Players: 725
Villages: 8,413
Population: 5,563,681
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
[32] Chernelytsia SVUD UA _УПА_1040104000.00%
[31] Obertyn SVUD UA _УПА_1040104000.00%
[14] Verkhovyna SVUD UA _УПА_1130113000.00%
[13] Kosiv SVUD UA _УПА_1136113600.00%
[28] Bilshivtsi SVUD UA _УПА_1094109400.00%
[27] Bukachivtsi SVUD UA _УПА_1088108800.00%
[12] Sniatyn SVUD UA _УПА_1128112800.00%
[30] Otyniia SVUD UA _УПА_1083108300.00%
[17] Deliatyn SVUD UA _УПА_1125112500.00%
[16] Vorokhta SVUD UA _УПА_1121112100.00%
[06] Rozhniativ SVUD UA _УПА_1115111500.00%
[52] Cherche SVUD UA _УПА_616100.00%
[45] Babukhiv SVUD UA _УПА_39639600.00%
[15] Yaremche SVUD UA _УПА_1129112900.00%
[46] Babyn SVUD UA _УПА_38138100.00%
[20] Lysets SVUD UA _УПА_1102110200.00%
[08] Tysmenytsia SVUD UA _УПА_1130113000.00%
[51] Yaseniv SVUD UA _УПА_14714700.00%
[50] Vovchkivtsi SVUD UA _УПА_20720700.00%
[49] Yabluniv SVUD UA _УПА_25625600.00%
[07] Bohorodchany SVUD UA _УПА_1127112700.00%
[25] Vojnyliv SVUD UA _УПА_1100110000.00%
[22] Vyhoda SVUD UA _УПА_1111111100.00%
[11] Horodenka SVUD UA _УПА_1112111200.00%
[37] Osmoloda SVUD UA _УПА_93793700.00%
[36] Pechenizhyn SVUD UA _УПА_95995900.00%
[35] Kuty SVUD UA _УПА_94794700.00%
[34] Lanchyn SVUD UA _УПА_1029102900.00%
[29] Yezupil SVUD UA _УПА_1080108000.00%
[33] Zabolotiv SVUD UA _УПА_1032103200.00%
[41] Humehiv SVUD UA _УПА_70170100.00%
[40] Holyn SVUD UA _УПА_75475400.00%
[39] Huta SVUD UA _УПА_81381300.00%
[38] Myslivka SVUD UA _УПА_88788700.00%
[48] Nyzhniv SVUD UA _УПА_29729700.00%
[47] Majdan SVUD UA _УПА_34634600.00%
[44] Bovshiv SVUD UA _УПА_45845800.00%
[05] Nadvirna SVUD UA _УПА_1111111100.00%
[03] Galych SVUD UA _УПА_1085108500.00%
[04] Rohatyn SVUD UA _УПА_1061106100.00%
[42] Chervonograd SVUD UA _УПА_1014101400.00%
[02] Dolyna SVUD UA _УПА_1085108500.00%
Нове поселення pro100player Apple-А222200.00%
Нове поселення pro100player Apple-А55755700.00%
Нове поселення pro100player Apple-А51651600.00%
Нафто-вышка pro100player Apple-А94094000.00%
Нове поселення pro100player Apple-А262600.00%
Нове поселення pro100player Apple-А71971900.00%
Нове поселення pro100player Apple-А40040000.00%
Казарма! pro100player Apple-А74374300.00%