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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Jul AilaSob shouted:
Kalesch, Masil, Bogir and Ernesto Netherlands antilles

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21-Jul EnzoMoncifs shouted:
Tempeck, Emet, Sanford and Grubuz Jordan

21-Jul KerthLon shouted:
Trompok, Zuben, Kadok and Zapotek Sierra leone

21-Jul Ayitosdoorm shouted:
Marus, Lukjan, Peer and Carlos Colombia

Server statistics

Alliances 140
Players: 1,026
Villages: 10,166
Population: 6,595,743
Last updated: 07-03-2012
Server started: 18-12-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 29-Febd. 07-Margrowthgrowth in %
адди @Smile-C6059605900.00%
Poison2 @Smile-C116201162000.00%
Se2345 @Smile-C4413441300.00%
олег FlameTRN5124512400.00%
TORRI @DiP104991049900.00%
Dim Белки-Д58358300.00%
Jastrem ALIENS4870487000.00%
Tank Боги4572457200.00%
yura100 БОГИ (F)128091280900.00%
morgan_ua БЕЛЬЧАТA142371423700.00%
631d @Smile-C101921019200.00%
bmp @DiP 887321732100.00%
real777 БЕЛЬЧАТA190601906000.00%
White Power @DiP 883363336300.00%
сер?й кардинал Flame203702037000.00%
Бусинка Flame177281772800.00%
бимер ALIENS4110411000.00%
shutnik Flame111181111800.00%
ZL_Serg FlameS&S4400.00%
медведь @Smile-C3148314800.00%
zver Белки-Д1668166800.00%
sadomaza Белки-Д84784700.00%
Falcon Семки7819781900.00%
tar_s @DiP 88153321533200.00%
H.E.P.O.H БЕЛЬЧАТA138721387200.00%
Washburn ALIENS4904490400.00%
НАРКОМАН Flame-D2363236300.00%
Атом ALIENS8198819800.00%
Mr_Z Flame-D75775700.00%
Rainbow FlameTMP5988598800.00%
security Flame-D3344334400.00%
Анархия Flame-D2923292300.00%
Predalien ALIENS9150915000.00%
opossum ALIENS205462054600.00%
slavesmart ALIENS101691016900.00%
Bobr БЕЛЬЧАТA5587558700.00%
Beast ALIENS123231232300.00%
yuriy ALIENS3711371100.00%
Планета людей ALIENS6141614100.00%
KardeL_dr Flame301223012200.00%
zigzag Flame186661866600.00%
BENZ MEN БЕЛЬЧАТA175671756700.00%
Shade @Smile-C4776477600.00%
Napalm @MV4135413500.00%
сабакабаскервил @Tundra5902590200.00%
OneG ALІENS95295200.00%
Bellator @Smile-C110961109600.00%