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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-May ConnorJotteds shouted:
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25-May Temmyabnorge shouted:
Jens, Oelk, Jorn and Farmon Trinidad and tobago

25-May Marlogritalf shouted:
Marus, Ayitos, Altus and Elber Malaysia

25-May Nemrokmaisa shouted:
Julio, Olivier, Mirzo and Will Colombia

25-May JustinDat shouted:
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Server statistics

Alliances 185
Players: 2,025
Villages: 28,003
Population: 17,571,597
Last updated: 07-07-2011
Server started: 16-02-2011
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 30-Jund. 07-Julgrowthgrowth in %
jack9318 火麒麟-NE19345934500.00%
kingchan2008 火麒麟-SE278882788800.00%
migto 麒麟霸總-NE3123351233500.00%
lung 火麒麟-SW星光274152741500.00%
topot0907 麒麟總盟241262412600.00%
火星人 火麒麟-NE14415441500.00%
Baby 火麒麟-SW58739873900.00%
___...___ 麒麟霸業-万華鏡3095309500.00%
夜神月 麒麟霸業257822578200.00%
林北小白 鎮魂™-無空想2836283600.00%
frankwhsh 鎮魂™-喝醉酒駕232272322700.00%
紅衣大帝 鎮魂™-禁書目錄161461614600.00%
RichYeh 火麒麟-SW58068806800.00%
舒望月 鎮™小早生日快樂6873687300.00%
kokokoserge 麒麟霸業IV蝶4562456200.00%
david15211 火麒麟-SE18443844300.00%
smithwillian 鎮™小早生日快樂8270827000.00%
老虎二隻 麒麟霸業-純粹5530553000.00%
jack655261 火麒麟150481504800.00%
小光仔 麒麟霸業414834148300.00%
再大的鳥也裝得下 鎮魂™-溫柔鄉8934893400.00%
nicky 火麒麟6864686400.00%
來亂的 鎮™小早生日快樂6703670300.00%
tamkit 火麒麟-SWX185231852300.00%
andy-kw267 火麒麟-SE4182551825500.00%
邦嘎辣 火麒麟-SW5190231902300.00%
Heckel 火麒麟230022300200.00%
yuy 火麒麟-SE17884788400.00%
三劍俠 鎮魂™-安西187681876800.00%
zxc123 鎮魂™-醉218812188100.00%
AlexKC 鎮魂™-宏觀9948994800.00%
tetra123 火麒麟-SW5108451084500.00%
陀飛輪 火麒麟-南極殿2177217700.00%
皮小可 鎮魂™-溫柔鄉185781857800.00%
JONAS 金鐘罩9186918600.00%
jeffrey12 火麒麟-SE14672467200.00%
Marri阿智 火星77177100.00%
小笠笠 1眠大1吋3919391900.00%
小夜夜 火麒麟-南極殿5773577300.00%
thousand 麒麟霸業-万華鏡162281622800.00%
Meteor 麒麟-DBJ168771687700.00%
fonglee 火麒麟-NE19591959100.00%
維斯魅邪 鎮魂™-醉384003840000.00%
Easy 火麒麟-SW5137161371600.00%
鐵戰刀 金鐘罩142271422700.00%