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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 154
Players: 1,965
Villages: 23,951
Population: 15,417,621
Last updated: 10-02-2012
Server started: 07-12-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 03-Febd. 10-Febgrowthgrowth in %
Rum A.R™Fate7868786800.00%
sg1 羽™任務1333133300.00%
我是誰? 羽™掉刀184731847300.00%
yea0616 A.R™210082100800.00%
finn.chang 羽™-FM160661606600.00%
死韓及 A.R™-鳳凰385843858400.00%
日落之夏 A.R™ 禁卫军4066406600.00%
xuan 羽™棉花244722447200.00%
tiger01 羽™任務135671356700.00%
moli 羽™MIB185231852300.00%
凡人修仙傳 羽™MIB183921839200.00%
Kevin Hung A.R™-FN8070807000.00%
lman A.R™-利刃124911249100.00%
wolfarea 羽™風格179201792000.00%
yang610214 A.R™Fate1664166400.00%
tgiaa A.R™198061980600.00%
最愛停火令 羽™MIB200932009300.00%
猎 豹 A.R™ 禁卫军2729272900.00%
銀舞戲梅 羽™任務1202120200.00%
workout 羽™MIB189821898200.00%
daddybear 羽™任務4691469100.00%
applehenry A.R™歐克斯3057305700.00%
大頭仔 A.R™-鳳凰140921409200.00%
細菌魔 羽™血8011801100.00%
沒道理 羽™謎126771267700.00%
賭神農場 A.R™-鳳凰165001650000.00%
三眼怪 羽™天空1160116000.00%
tarerick 羽™義勇民兵1533153300.00%
生活美學 羽™-FM9435943500.00%
randal7011 羽™風行2565256500.00%
黑與白 羽™守護者2672267200.00%
earvin 羽™謎174441744400.00%
inamiko 羽™夜風106511065100.00%
nho 羽™翼8123812300.00%
米奈亞 A.R™-神盾9754975400.00%
Cyu 羽™棉花247622476200.00%
SLEEP 無極130121301200.00%
大烏龜 羽™-FM190321903200.00%
家和萬事興 A.R™-鳳凰227132271300.00%
narrative 羽™翼155541555400.00%
lgy 羽™棉花335493354900.00%
jeremy801126 A.R™-任務中7635763500.00%
bupbup A.R™-逆鱗172671726700.00%
starjohnsez A.R™-3毫米129071290700.00%
阿信Ashin 羽™天空5691569100.00%
alin A.R™-街坊138681386800.00%