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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Feb StancimiDerry shouted:
Malir, Dolok, Hatlod and Stejnar Uganda

21-Feb AterasFligcoiff shouted:
Garik, Bogir, Jose and Topork Bulgaria

20-Feb KulakFat shouted:
Volkar, Irhabar, Kippler and Arokkh Costa rica

20-Feb Donaldunery shouted:
Прокат авто в Сочи

20-Feb DeckardaculA shouted:
Lars, Tufail, Shawn and Konrad Guinea

Server statistics

Alliances 154
Players: 1,965
Villages: 23,951
Population: 15,417,621
Last updated: 10-02-2012
Server started: 07-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 03-Febd. 10-Febgrowthgrowth in %
9壓秒佯攻才有fu 唬爛含狗 A.R™80080000.00%
二天一流 tgiaa A.R™92392300.00%
L06 林佳-LJC A.R™73373300.00%
03 HaHa A.R™85485400.00%
01# david.yu A.R™86486400.00%
10# david.yu A.R™87587500.00%
D-01 DMC A.R™94894800.00%
D-09 DMC A.R™80280200.00%
西國無雙 qoo14151515qq A.R™80980900.00%
木3 戰神枯骨 A.R™75275200.00%
R.7- bencefirst A.R™83483400.00%
ck07 comedian ken A.R™74174100.00%
叮噹[04] chengyehwang A.R™81781700.00%
4老普村GK 老芋仔 A.R™85585500.00%
防兵村06 戰神枯骨 A.R™95795700.00%
T05 林佳-LJC A.R™87387300.00%
s05 純粹喝 A.R™79679600.00%
R.6- bencefirst A.R™87587500.00%
ck06 comedian ken A.R™80380300.00%
2老普村GK 老芋仔 A.R™87087000.00%
叮噹[03] chengyehwang A.R™72272200.00%
L08 林佳-LJC A.R™73873800.00%
收集不幸的天使 bencefirst A.R™82882800.00%
ck05 comedian ken A.R™75775700.00%
3老普村GK 老芋仔 A.R™93593500.00%
收集不幸的天使 純粹喝 A.R™85685600.00%
02 HaHa A.R™86686600.00%
R.4- bencefirst A.R™85485400.00%
叮噹[02] chengyehwang A.R™74374300.00%
哎呀!!又有人自稱上帝了!! 戰神枯骨 A.R™51851800.00%
ck04 comedian ken A.R™79379300.00%
老9田GK 老芋仔 A.R™83783700.00%
防兵村 戰神枯骨 A.R™87887800.00%
ck03 comedian ken A.R™80280200.00%
7217 純粹喝 A.R™74074000.00%
T02 林佳-LJC A.R™85385300.00%
收集不幸的天使 bencefirst A.R™81181100.00%
1老普村GK 老芋仔 A.R™90290200.00%
T03 林佳-LJC A.R™86886800.00%
特殊身份 HaHa A.R™94794700.00%
壓秒亂車才有fu chengyehwang A.R™1102110200.00%
ck02 comedian ken A.R™91091000.00%
T00 林佳-LJC A.R™65565500.00%
老主村 老芋仔 A.R™1001100100.00%
7218 純粹喝 A.R™89089000.00%
老1村GK 老芋仔 A.R™89589500.00%
01 HaHa A.R™87187100.00%
ck01 comedian ken A.R™88488400.00%
LJC 林佳-LJC A.R™86186100.00%
叮噹 chengyehwang A.R™94294200.00%