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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Aug jimmieeq18 shouted:
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21-Aug VakOa shouted:
Runak, Benito, Enzo and Gnar Norway

21-Aug Justintic shouted:
Сумка в роддом

21-Aug uyoxoxcep shouted:
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21-Aug Georgetrime shouted:
Коллекционирование — популярное хобби

Server statistics

Alliances 154
Players: 1,965
Villages: 23,951
Population: 15,417,621
Last updated: 10-02-2012
Server started: 07-12-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 03-Febd. 10-Febgrowthgrowth in %
qqqqqq 羽™翼1100.00%
JimmyHuang 羽™秘密2200.00%
ZZS A.R™-街坊3300.00%
ahn 羽™夜風4400.00%
死韓及 A.R™-鳳凰5500.00%
Ixchel 羽™相約在天際6600.00%
five star 羽™相約在天際7700.00%
lgy 羽™棉花8800.00%
Lohengramm A.R™-鳳凰9900.00%
angry bird 羽™相約在天際101000.00%
NANCY A.R™-鳳凰111100.00%
rebecca 羽™棉花121200.00%
牧牛人 A.R™-街坊131300.00%
童養媳 A.R™-鳳凰141400.00%
就是愛找茶兒 羽™烏托邦151500.00%
耐超的草莓 羽™翼161600.00%
powerpie A.R™-利刃171700.00%
jihshyan 羽™-FM181800.00%
ericklin_tw A.R™-FN191900.00%
iamme A.R™-街坊202000.00%
LinusKAI 羽™212100.00%
vic_ni902 羽™烏托邦222200.00%
ie840402 A.R™-FN232300.00%
立-尚銘 A.R™-FN242400.00%
ss851106 羽™謎252500.00%
覆雨翻雲 羽™翼262600.00%
大漢帝國 羽™棉花272700.00%
街坊會長 A.R™-街坊282800.00%
殺殺殺後細 羽™翼292900.00%
隨便都可以 羽™翼303000.00%
LOVE小琦 A.R™-神盾313100.00%
nuku A.R™Fate323200.00%
ibid A.R™-街坊333300.00%
Whitney A.R™-鳳凰343400.00%
Nick 羽™-FM353500.00%
mikey 羽™翼363600.00%
victoria 羽™關寧鐵騎總盟373700.00%
Magic 羽™翼383800.00%
雷神之锤 羽™翼393900.00%
Williams Tsai 羽™謎404000.00%
bws 羽™風格414100.00%
Cyu 羽™棉花424200.00%
xuan 羽™棉花434300.00%
thechef1 羽™義勇民兵444400.00%
SpaceBandit 羽™謎454500.00%
二個人的溫柔鄉 羽™烏托邦464600.00%
羅馬將軍 羽™風翼474700.00%
eno 羽™夜風484800.00%
hardees 羽™西北494900.00%
LEECHO 羽™風行505000.00%