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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Feb StancimiDerry shouted:
Malir, Dolok, Hatlod and Stejnar Uganda

21-Feb AterasFligcoiff shouted:
Garik, Bogir, Jose and Topork Bulgaria

20-Feb KulakFat shouted:
Volkar, Irhabar, Kippler and Arokkh Costa rica

20-Feb Donaldunery shouted:
Прокат авто в Сочи

20-Feb DeckardaculA shouted:
Lars, Tufail, Shawn and Konrad Guinea

Server statistics

Alliances 173
Players: 1,617
Villages: 16,503
Population: 10,356,412
Last updated: 10-02-2012
Server started: 30-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 03-Febd. 10-Febgrowthgrowth in %
我們家姐姐多 你們才壞 twplayer 戰天下-紫耀84484400.00%
s00 英式紅茶 戰天下-紫耀69269200.00%
6 芯語彤 戰天下-紫耀73873800.00%
6新5鐵 k28825252 戰天下-紫耀78178100.00%
相安無事,來亂者死 7-11 戰天下-紫耀75775700.00%
1.3 哀木涕 戰天下-紫耀85085000.00%
4 Rome Kingdom 戰天下-紫耀61861800.00%
5 芯語彤 戰天下-紫耀66766700.00%
我肚子餓了 applehenry 戰天下-紫耀76676600.00%
5-5磚 k28825252 戰天下-紫耀76176100.00%
05 7-11 戰天下-紫耀69969900.00%
04.CLANNAD SORA 戰天下-紫耀84284200.00%
miderland02 烏拉燕 戰天下-紫耀76376300.00%
相安無事,來亂者死 卓小維 戰天下-紫耀77277200.00%
不小心車錯了 jamie 戰天下-紫耀79279200.00%
3 Rome Kingdom 戰天下-紫耀70770700.00%
01.桂 雛菊 ring85623 戰天下-紫耀1095109500.00%
4 芯語彤 戰天下-紫耀74574500.00%
沒空陪你玩 k28825252 戰天下-紫耀80280200.00%
04 7-11 戰天下-紫耀70670600.00%
I 卓小維 戰天下-紫耀52052000.00%
9 Rome Kingdom 戰天下-紫耀63563500.00%
kaze姊姊萬歲吧!! jamie 戰天下-紫耀76576500.00%
3德魯依 k28825252 戰天下-紫耀80680600.00%
相安無事,來亂者死 7-11 戰天下-紫耀89789700.00%
kaze姊姊萬歲吧!! 哀木涕 戰天下-紫耀84584500.00%
C 卓小維 戰天下-紫耀65665600.00%
miderland01 烏拉燕 戰天下-紫耀92692600.00%
02.apple這是新村 applehenry 戰天下-紫耀83383300.00%
03.ONE SORA 戰天下-紫耀88088000.00%
3 芯語彤 戰天下-紫耀68268200.00%
B 卓小維 戰天下-紫耀66766700.00%
給菲菲搶資用 勿跟 Rome Kingdom 戰天下-紫耀69569500.00%
我肚子餓了 k28825252 戰天下-紫耀84984900.00%
2 芯語彤 戰天下-紫耀66766700.00%
12萬分的感謝 SORA 戰天下-紫耀1060106000.00%
02 7-11 戰天下-紫耀93793700.00%
1.1 哀木涕 戰天下-紫耀1072107200.00%
相安無事,來亂者死 卓小維 戰天下-紫耀98998900.00%
000 烏拉燕 戰天下-紫耀91791700.00%
01.apple迫不得已 applehenry 戰天下-紫耀89889800.00%
沒空陪你 k28825252 戰天下-紫耀87387300.00%
01 7-11 戰天下-紫耀88988900.00%
. jamie 戰天下-紫耀38538500.00%
1.0 哀木涕 戰天下-紫耀87287200.00%
12萬分的感謝 SORA 戰天下-紫耀92892800.00%
1 Rome Kingdom 戰天下-紫耀62862800.00%
1 芯語彤 戰天下-紫耀80980900.00%
動畫萌總部 ring85623 戰天下-紫耀1391139100.00%
相安無事,來亂者死 卓小維 戰天下-紫耀84884800.00%