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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Apr CruzNuh shouted:
Taklar, Dargoth, Karmok and Knut The former yugoslav republic o

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22-Apr Mine-Bosstag shouted:
Ortega, Benito, Silvio and Yespas Ecuador

22-Apr AldoNef shouted:
Thorek, Hanson, Keldron and Topork Cambodia

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Server statistics

Alliances 173
Players: 1,617
Villages: 16,503
Population: 10,356,412
Last updated: 10-02-2012
Server started: 30-09-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 03-Febd. 10-Febgrowthgrowth in %
mark.t 戰天下™-吉祥物1100.00%
dome 戰天下-3區2200.00%
udn0806 戰天下-10區3300.00%
g04y35j6 SE-風花4400.00%
elias SE-霹靂5500.00%
電銲諸戈狼 戰天下-3區6600.00%
PTT 戰天下-3區7700.00%
阿凡達 戰天下-10區8800.00%
moom 戰天下-0區9900.00%
山雨欲來風滿樓 戰天下-武偵學園101000.00%
thomas tan SE-霹靂111100.00%
rainbow 戰天下™-雪鴞121200.00%
YRa 戰天下-7區131300.00%
jimmy50217 SE-霹靂141400.00%
隨心所欲 戰天下-10區151500.00%
明日星 SE-霹靂161600.00%
Dazzler 戰天下-1區171700.00%
小豬豬 戰天下-10區181800.00%
解痙攣藥 SE-霹靂191900.00%
LCD連線 戰天下™-雪鴞202000.00%
johnny1607 戰天下-5區212100.00%
finaljourney 戰天下-1區222200.00%
edxxx 戰天下-0區232300.00%
milk SE-孤星淚™242400.00%
喵喵琦 SE-霹靂252500.00%
芯玥兒 戰天下-WW群262600.00%
Black Tea 戰天下-8區272700.00%
sinshow 戰天下™-雪鴞282800.00%
FZ027 西南城邦聯盟™292900.00%
吳阿麥 Yes Man303000.00%
liao 戰天下-武偵學園313100.00%
howey SE-霹靂323200.00%
popstarwin 戰天下-6區333300.00%
tseng7580 戰天下™-海棠343400.00%
雙重人格 戰天下-7區353500.00%
小市民 戰天下-10區363600.00%
trapanda 戰天下-3區373700.00%
viva519 戰天下™-雪鴞383800.00%
c.f 戰天下-10區393900.00%
g9076001 西南城邦聯盟™404000.00%
eco-river SE-鷹™414100.00%
athomas0229 戰天下-0區424200.00%
fox6666 戰天下-5區434300.00%
Atlastw5 戰天下™-星雨444400.00%
shaopao SE-霹靂454500.00%
小天使 戰天下-WW群464600.00%
happy 戰天下™-星雨474700.00%
檸檬多多 戰天下-10區484800.00%
0零0 SE-鷹™494900.00%
jiinchen1016 SE-霹靂505000.00%