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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Oct TipplerSn shouted:
Marik, Kasim, Osko and Fadi Netherlands

16-Oct Givessei shouted:
Torn, Zarkos, Pyran and Trompok Comoros

16-Oct BozepSi shouted:
Hjalte, Keldron, Lee and Roland Suriname

16-Oct Kaleschmom shouted:
Jesper, Basir, Ugolf and Olivier Viet nam

16-Oct Roykl shouted:
Vasco, Hector, Murak and Hanson Nauru

Server statistics

Alliances 136
Players: 1,299
Villages: 15,631
Population: 9,884,633
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 02-04-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
鱷魚140TRAPF lacoste 龍戰-WW1447144700.00%
鱷魚120FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1434143400.00%
鱷魚710FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1434143400.00%
lacoste(威威)F lacoste 龍戰-WW1434143400.00%
鱷魚210FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1429142900.00%
鱷魚110FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1429142900.00%
鱷魚320FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1399139900.00%
鱷魚250TRAPF lacoste 龍戰-WW1396139600.00%
鱷魚010F lacoste 龍戰-WW1395139500.00%
鱷魚020F lacoste 龍戰-WW1395139500.00%
鱷魚260TRAPF lacoste 龍戰-WW1391139100.00%
鱷魚270TRAPF lacoste 龍戰-WW1391139100.00%
鱷魚240FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1389138900.00%
鱷魚230FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1389138900.00%
鱷魚310FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1388138800.00%
鱷魚130TRAPF lacoste 龍戰-WW1385138500.00%
鱷魚030F lacoste 龍戰-WW1385138500.00%
鱷魚220FP lacoste 龍戰-WW1378137800.00%
鱷魚280TRAP lacoste 龍戰-WW1311131100.00%
A_Cloud1 BILL JIANG SE-HBO1290129000.00%
車籠埔 小小村莊 Nelson SE-HBO1265126500.00%
左手打右手 alanlhw 龍戰-WW1263126300.00%
現在我很幸福 元氣人生 新™-J11263126300.00%
Han 村莊 Nelson Han 霸氣-B1260126000.00%
No 1 Averam erictham 新™-J21249124900.00%
其實這是一條防兵村! Tabre 龍戰-XIX1236123600.00%
luj的夢想世界 luj SE-Oasis1231123100.00%
黑色地帶 z1239992001 SE-YOYO1228122800.00%
現在我很幸福 nike-man 新™-J11227122700.00%
1.I IXI 龍戰-NE-VI1224122400.00%
論壇吹水王是我..ha intel 龍戰-NW I1224122400.00%
1算帳找fafa chih 龍戰-NWII1222122200.00%
地獄村 wiewie 龍戰-NWIII1219121900.00%
鱷魚040TRAP lacoste 龍戰-WW1215121500.00%
liou 龍戰NE-III1212121200.00%
∩防兵來這邊 Tabre 龍戰-XIX1205120500.00%
001.太極 [中] simonsay 龍戰-NE-I1200120000.00%
算帳找fafa HyperN 龍戰1197119700.00%
4新竹 gpeter SE-YOYO1196119600.00%
jason ken jason ken 新™-A1191119100.00%
感謝全龍戰盟友!! 動感美眉 龍戰-WW1182118200.00%
現在我很幸福 jerry2312 新™-A1181118100.00%
02 DEEREK 龍戰-WW1180118000.00%
625-2488 ju85 龍戰-NE-VI1178117800.00%
01.貓貓國 蜜雪愛貓 新™-J21178117800.00%
D-DAY q09721 SE-憐寂1177117700.00%
@@? wai SE-HBO1176117600.00%
小紅帽 阿吐巴妖魔 龍戰-NE-VI1176117600.00%
龍7村 kao28 SE-山寨1174117400.00%
低價促銷*2 竹炭水 龍戰-NWIII1173117300.00%