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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 107
Players: 1,287
Villages: 16,117
Population: 10,594,307
Last updated: 19-01-2012
Server started: 04-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 12-Jand. 19-Jangrowthgrowth in %
10 KeL KiRpİ (-_+)™69369300.00%
GIS alone_wolf (-_+)™84984900.00%
RR3 alone_wolf (-_+)™26026000.00%
Nergal alone_wolf (-_+)™78278200.00%
BaunPerla alone_wolf (-_+)™70870800.00%
No Fear alone_wolf (-_+)™51851800.00%
Tavukçu alone_wolf (-_+)™86086000.00%
WoW alone_wolf (-_+)™21421400.00%
WoW1 alone_wolf (-_+)™868600.00%
Dreamer alone_wolf (-_+)™10710700.00%
asde alone_wolf (-_+)™88488400.00%
Kambarat alone_wolf (-_+)™75175100.00%
2.Kafamı attırma ahmethamdi (-_+)™61561500.00%
2.Melih ahmethamdi (-_+)™61861800.00%
2.Buse ahmethamdi (-_+)™62762700.00%
galyabeyi ahmethamdi (-_+)™74874800.00%
blue ahmethamdi (-_+)™79279200.00%
uğur böcü ahmethamdi (-_+)™71471400.00%
WOOW ahmethamdi (-_+)™14314300.00%
2.inanç-baba ahmethamdi (-_+)™67667600.00%
Scorpion_King ahmethamdi (-_+)™80580500.00%
2.Ahmet ahmethamdi (-_+)™21021000.00%
1.Ahmet ahmethamdi (-_+)™53853800.00%
_terminator_ ahmethamdi (-_+)™80780700.00%
1.Melih ahmethamdi (-_+)™26026000.00%
WOW ahmethamdi (-_+)™16616600.00%
BaunPerla ahmethamdi (-_+)™74974900.00%
2.Erkal ahmethamdi (-_+)™75775700.00%
no fear ahmethamdi (-_+)™77277200.00%
GIS ahmethamdi (-_+)™78678600.00%
Archon ahmethamdi (-_+)™87887800.00%
ahmethamdi ahmethamdi (-_+)™1186118600.00%
6-0 gölge06 (-_+)™63463400.00%
NEVŞEHİR gölge06 (-_+)™64564500.00%
ELİZADA gölge06 (-_+)™63163100.00%
FENERBAHÇE gölge06 (-_+)™60860800.00%
galyabeyi gölge06 (-_+)™78278200.00%
yanlız kurt gölge06 (-_+)™71871800.00%
çaylak gölge06 (-_+)™81081000.00%
HTC desire gölge06 (-_+)™58358300.00%
Yeni Köy gölge06 (-_+)™32632600.00%
Yeni Köy gölge06 (-_+)™20020000.00%
(-_+) C gölge06 (-_+)™72172100.00%
BEYAZ DİŞ gölge06 (-_+)™80980900.00%
SIRTLAN1 gölge06 (-_+)™74074000.00%
örnekköy ali_tutcali (+è®mi+)54954900.00%
Yeni Köy ali_tutcali (+è®mi+)303000.00%
şirintepe ali_tutcali (+è®mi+)21221200.00%
karşıyaka ali_tutcali (+è®mi+)64464400.00%
şemikler ali_tutcali (+è®mi+)75075000.00%