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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-May Gabrielsed shouted:
Грузоперевозки Екатеринбург и Область.Газели

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Electricity saving box

22-May Timothywam shouted:
fraud forum

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Anybody home???

Server statistics

Alliances 140
Players: 1,593
Villages: 20,297
Population: 13,492,132
Last updated: 13-01-2012
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Jand. 13-Jangrowthgrowth in %
red kit eel tazar EPİC19519500.00%
jeriko eel tazar EPİC20020000.00%
Yeni Köy eel tazar EPİC161600.00%
1. spiderman eel tazar EPİC65065000.00%
ayşe mozer Doruk S68868800.00%
OZİ CAN DOSTUM ankara_9206 HNDNTÜRK12712700.00%
Poseidon köyü oguzcan175 HNDNTÜRK11111100.00%
MeteoR Köyü oguzcan175 HNDNTÜRK58558500.00%
2.Ali Sami Yen aslanuci HNDNTÜRK65365300.00%
Yeni Köy aslanuci HNDNTÜRK252500.00%
3.Fatih Terim aslanuci HNDNTÜRK42242200.00%
6.Arda Turan aslanuci HNDNTÜRK969600.00%
4.Bülent Korkmaz aslanuci HNDNTÜRK34134100.00%
5.Jupp Derwall aslanuci HNDNTÜRK30530500.00%
1.Metin Oktay aslanuci HNDNTÜRK79079000.00%
Alfa Force ekinboran HNDNTÜRK41241200.00%
Military ekinboran HNDNTÜRK27127100.00%
Wheat King ekinboran HNDNTÜRK11811800.00%
Force Armada ekinboran HNDNTÜRK71271200.00%
10 CATLAKK yasa01 HNDNTÜRK363600.00%
07 HAYAL GÖZLÜM yasa01 HNDNTÜRK41541500.00%
05 Goodbye yasa01 HNDNTÜRK57757700.00%
06 şekerPare yasa01 HNDNTÜRK64664600.00%
09 HERCAİ yasa01 HNDNTÜRK10710700.00%
04 GeNC ßaYRaM yasa01 HNDNTÜRK75875800.00%
08 GoNYaLı MaNYaK yasa01 HNDNTÜRK30330300.00%
02 RaNDaC yasa01 HNDNTÜRK81881800.00%
03 MeLiKe yasa01 HNDNTÜRK74774700.00%
01 Sorry yasa01 HNDNTÜRK90990900.00%
3 H@NED@N m kowkon HNDNTÜRK83583500.00%
5 karalord :-) t kowkon HNDNTÜRK60960900.00%
8 infernal55 kowkon HNDNTÜRK35135100.00%
7 CAFEROGULLARI kowkon HNDNTÜRK41241200.00%
Yeni Köy kowkon HNDNTÜRK12812800.00%
4 emre1561 b kowkon HNDNTÜRK74074000.00%
Yeni Köy kowkon HNDNTÜRK16616600.00%
pla-maho kowkon HNDNTÜRK25425400.00%
6 jasse james kowkon HNDNTÜRK49849800.00%
1 OZİ CAN DOSTUM kowkon HNDNTÜRK1078107800.00%
2 azel p kowkon HNDNTÜRK89389300.00%
sadabat rexxx HNDNTÜRK49249200.00%
eyüp sultan rexxx HNDNTÜRK13313300.00%
sahil bent rexxx HNDNTÜRK21521500.00%
sultan ahmet rexxx HNDNTÜRK22622600.00%
suhulet rexxx HNDNTÜRK91791700.00%
Yeni Köy ozkanyavas HNDNTÜRK919100.00%
EFEKENT 2 ozkanyavas HNDNTÜRK29029000.00%
EFEKENT 1 ozkanyavas HNDNTÜRK51151100.00%
EFEKENT ozkanyavas HNDNTÜRK73173100.00%
sal 1nnknk HNDNTÜRK51451400.00%