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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Oct OrtegaNusa shouted:
Arakos, Boss, Berek and Giores Panama

20-Oct RozhovEi shouted:
Tjalf, Jack, Anog and Ur-Gosh Burkina faso

20-Oct GregoryAstop shouted:

20-Oct InogMt shouted:
Hector, Sanford, Fedor and Vak Anguilla

20-Oct Nefariusrare shouted:
Inog, Leif, Goran and Makas Serbia and montenegro

Server statistics

Alliances 177
Players: 2,378
Villages: 30,268
Population: 19,795,607
Last updated: 28-03-2012
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 21-Mard. 28-Margrowthgrowth in %
nedim.b sindirella SYH&AYLZ59959900.00%
⓿❼KESER sindirella SYH&AYLZ74574500.00%
⓿❻TAHRA sindirella SYH&AYLZ76476400.00%
2-mehmet57 sindirella SYH&AYLZ22622600.00%
3-mehmet57 sindirella SYH&AYLZ20120100.00%
1-mehmet57 sindirella SYH&AYLZ21121100.00%
⓿❺PALA sindirella SYH&AYLZ70570500.00%
⓿❹BABST sindirella SYH&AYLZ87187100.00%
⓿❶BIÇAK sindirella SYH&AYLZ97997900.00%
⓿❷SATIR sindirella SYH&AYLZ94594500.00%
YuKaRı aYrancı... sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ97597500.00%
éTéMéSquT sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ74974900.00%
YeniCé... sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ90490400.00%
DumLuPınaR... sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ59959900.00%
YukaRı emiRLer... sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ15115100.00%
aŞaqı eMirLer... sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ15815800.00%
CamiLi... sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ14014000.00%
Yeni Köy sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ606000.00%
KızıLca KöY... sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ44044000.00%
éSéNBoqaa... sevgi222 SYH&AYLZ83683600.00%
ALESİA firavun59 SYH&AYLZ68268200.00%
CAPUA firavun59 SYH&AYLZ88488400.00%
ROME firavun59 SYH&AYLZ55455400.00%
LİBELYUM firavun59 SYH&AYLZ26426400.00%
TARA firavun59 SYH&AYLZ37737700.00%
TİNGİ firavun59 SYH&AYLZ67667600.00%
DİMMİDİ firavun59 SYH&AYLZ66566500.00%
NUMANTİA firavun59 SYH&AYLZ67267200.00%
THAPSUS firavun59 SYH&AYLZ15615600.00%
ASTURİCA firavun59 SYH&AYLZ848400.00%
OSCA firavun59 SYH&AYLZ11811800.00%
LEPCİS MAGNA firavun59 SYH&AYLZ77577500.00%
NEPTE firavun59 SYH&AYLZ90290200.00%
SYRACUSE firavun59 SYH&AYLZ85485400.00%
ykurt3 ykurt SYH&AYLZ51851800.00%
ykurt2 ykurt SYH&AYLZ58058000.00%
ykurt1 ykurt SYH&AYLZ64164100.00%
ykurt8 ykurt SYH&AYLZ32732700.00%
ykurt4 ykurt SYH&AYLZ49249200.00%
Ykurt7 ykurt SYH&AYLZ45945900.00%
ykurt5 ykurt SYH&AYLZ46746700.00%
ykurt9 ykurt SYH&AYLZ21021000.00%
ykurt6 ykurt SYH&AYLZ58358300.00%
ykurt ykurt SYH&AYLZ83483400.00%
★08 Artvin★ tahir07 SYH&AYLZ21421400.00%
★07 antalya★ tahir07 SYH&AYLZ33933900.00%
★05 amasya★ tahir07 SYH&AYLZ39039000.00%
★04 ağrı★ tahir07 SYH&AYLZ50950900.00%
★03 afyon★ tahir07 SYH&AYLZ54354300.00%
★01 adana★ tahir07 SYH&AYLZ81381300.00%