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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-May KafaNow shouted:
Rasul, Asaru, Lester and Derek Venezuela

20-May BrontobbRax shouted:
Kalan, Ballock, Mannig and Vandorn Cayman islands

20-May GanckaAbich shouted:
Ford, Lee, Osmund and Ernesto Armenia

20-May AshtonasymN shouted:
Lukar, Irhabar, Gonzales and Gambal Turkmenistan

20-May Daviddof shouted:
Купить Папиловит недорого. Цены, отзывы. Закажите Папиловит сейчас!

Server statistics

Alliances 80
Players: 878
Villages: 10,630
Population: 6,765,954
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
01.Azazel Keşifci WW METAL97497400.00%
06.Çiğköfte Keşifci WW METAL93493400.00%
11.Simanur34 Keşifci WW METAL88088000.00%
askerambarı askerambarı METAL™95195100.00%
KEŞİŞLEME askerambarı METAL™88788700.00%
METAL™ askerambarı METAL™94394300.00%
Kocakarı soğukları askerambarı METAL™89189100.00%
çamlıca furkyy1109110900.00%
02 Ooze ooze ™8 METAL72372300.00%
ELFİM jojo06 METAL™ 169369300.00%
jojo06 Köyü jojo06 METAL™ 187887800.00%
bestofteacher Köyü b-team METAL ™96496400.00%
ONURRRR5 _onur_ METAL™1000100000.00%
ONURRRRR10 _onur_ METAL™1020102000.00%
ONURRRRR12 _onur_ METAL™1032103200.00%
Pişt Ailesi _onur_ METAL™1021102100.00%
ONURRRR _onur_ METAL™1010101000.00%
ONURRRR4 _onur_ METAL™1060106000.00%
1- Yaşamak Boran Fırtınası99599500.00%
METAL ™ 5TGB METAL ™94194100.00%
1. Piri Reis METAL ™81281200.00%
METAL blood_bone METAL™ 187387300.00%
Hırçın _onur_ METAL™1058105800.00%
ONURRRRR18 _onur_ METAL™89489400.00%
REİSLENDİ _onur_ METAL™75475400.00%
Reis 4 Piri Reis METAL ™80680600.00%
1-PAKİSTAN omurga62462400.00%
slayt2 slayt METAL™1009100900.00%
slayt9 slayt METAL™87487400.00%
57. ALAY canavar06 57. ALAY67567500.00%
__10 αтαтüяк dedem METAL ™1045104500.00%
_7 αтαтüяк dedem METAL ™1016101600.00%
KARAYEL ticron MET@L84384300.00%
★ Usta ★ lausdeo 57. ALAY1021102100.00%
TINAZTEPE dumanlı60 METAL™ 295995900.00%
heroes Dejavu METAL™1019101900.00%
Hırçın 3 M hırçın METAL™85785700.00%
Reis 5 Piri Reis METAL ™86486400.00%
kakafonix canavar06 57. ALAY85285200.00%
002 - HOPDEDİKS EMNİYET METAL™96196100.00%
VEFA1 drlevent ™8 METAL91091000.00%
01.BOZOK™ bozkurt10 METAL???83883800.00%
01 KURT ÆoN FLuX KURT™_TR84084000.00%
BODRUMLUEFE 1 shadow METAL???95995900.00%
panzer8 panzer KURT™_TR78778700.00%
1 krtz11 METAL™79979900.00%
Hırçın M hırçın METAL™81181100.00%
08EyneL Mefer muko METAL???84584500.00%
OrsaB ORSA METAL ™62162100.00%
Hırçın PM hırçın METAL™75975900.00%