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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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24-Oct Hamidquiz shouted:
Rakus, Josh, Tuwas and Thorus Denmark

24-Oct Orknaroken shouted:
Kor-Shach, Charles, Thorek and Akrabor Mexico

24-Oct Angirwemo shouted:
Kasim, Kafa, Rocko and Mazin Botswana

24-Oct SHAVONDA shouted:
Look at offering

24-Oct ShawnpyPe shouted:
Cronos, Berek, Murat and Brontobb Argentina

Server statistics

Alliances 118
Players: 1,573
Villages: 17,206
Population: 10,750,787
Last updated: 21-12-2011
Server started: 30-03-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 14-Decd. 21-Decgrowthgrowth in %
MAKFOREST KsRDeLi®125141251400.00%
Filinta KsRDeLi®6097609700.00%
LUSYUS KsRDeLi®172191721900.00%
eftelyam KsRDeLi®220352203500.00%
huser_ KsRDeLi®8470847000.00%
göldağı KsRDeLi®227092270900.00%
lionel.messi KsRDeLi®126861268600.00%
güller KsRDeLi®9100910000.00%
bakugan KsRDeLi®124331243300.00%
kendal72 KsRDeLi®9506950600.00%
yılmaz kaya KsRDeLi®172711727100.00%
Antuan KsRDeLi®137601376000.00%
xDarKLorDx KsRDeLi®129061290600.00%
BURAKEFE KsRDeLi®4811481100.00%
Capricious KsRDeLi®5388538800.00%
saya KsRDeLi®9817981700.00%
baris34 KsRDeLi®171351713500.00%
stab KsRDeLi®116341163400.00%
arinna KsRDeLi®142141421400.00%
Destructive06 KsRDeLi®161841618400.00%
otomasyon KsRDeLi®8642864200.00%
papillon KsRDeLi®7355735500.00%
şahşehriyar KsRDeLi®142401424000.00%
efehan KsRDeLi®9080908000.00%
behzat KsRDeLi®143331433300.00%
BoZKuRT_35 KsRDeL!3264326400.00%
TheHero KsRDeL!5614561400.00%
KomurGozlum KsRDeL!4490449000.00%
osman1111 KsRDeL!8563856300.00%
murat1977 KsRDeL!4361436100.00%
gurna KsRDeL!126351263500.00%
reistr53 KsRDeL!4818481800.00%
Firebird KsRDeL!9604960400.00%
yakisiklim KsRDeL!5728572800.00%
dogan25 KsRDeL!7826782600.00%
cesminaz KsRDeL!5208520800.00%
Hasır Şapka KsRDeL!6676667600.00%
tsialko KsRDeL!157191571900.00%
duraner KsRDeL!2010201000.00%
windrunner KsRDeL!3724372400.00%
elturko KsRDeL!5633563300.00%
Benkei KsRDeL!5483548300.00%
mehte KsRDeL!3047304700.00%
nevada KsRDeL!153301533000.00%
Kasap Muro KsRDeL!184791847900.00%
ayba KsRDeL!4632463200.00%
mihqroop KsRDeL!7190719000.00%
tokats KsRDeL!3045304500.00%
kurt27 KsRDeL!106531065300.00%
denizz KsRDeL!101921019200.00%