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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Jul RodionEvdonin19896 shouted:
Chris, Irhabar, Thorek and Connor Botswana

17-Jul KseniyaUchuwatowa977 shouted:
Anktos, Boss, Kafa and Vibald Swaziland

17-Jul FyodorPolowinkin8 shouted:
Fasim, Anog, Achmed and Eusebio Equatorial guinea

17-Jul EkaterinaKorobkova0 shouted:
Gelford, Daro, Uruk and Kafa Austria

17-Jul KobcevAleksej7 shouted:
Fraser, Gorn, Rakus and Faesul Mexico

Server statistics

Alliances 118
Players: 1,573
Villages: 17,206
Population: 10,750,787
Last updated: 21-12-2011
Server started: 30-03-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 14-Decd. 21-Decgrowthgrowth in %
Z SAMDEN 02 JustMaX DOST66766700.00%
M SAM 03 JustMaX DOST68768700.00%
y 0 fire JustMaX DOST66966900.00%
T DENSAM 03 JustMaX DOST75375300.00%
y 4 fire JustMaX DOST33933900.00%
y 3 fire JustMaX DOST43743700.00%
y 2 fire JustMaX DOST56456400.00%
y 1 fire JustMaX DOST65865800.00%
Yeni Köy JustMaX DOST11411400.00%
T DENSAM 02 JustMaX DOST80580500.00%
T DENSAM 01 JustMaX DOST82782700.00%
Dalca xKooZx DOST74174100.00%
Dağlar seni Delik De xKooZx DOST18718700.00%
Bandıra bandıra ye xKooZx DOST56556500.00%
Tiridine Bandım xKooZx DOST31831800.00%
Su Gelir Güldür Güld xKooZx DOST68368300.00%
GeL Gel GÜmle Gel:) xKooZx DOST1069106900.00%
Dram 15 dram DOST929200.00%
DeSTaN dram DOST85885800.00%
Dram 11 dram DOST62862800.00%
Dram 07 dram DOST66466400.00%
Dram 08 dram DOST75675600.00%
Dram 10 dram DOST66666600.00%
Dram 13 w dram DOST32332300.00%
Dram 12 dram DOST50550500.00%
Dram 14 dram DOST767600.00%
Dram 09 dram DOST71971900.00%
Dram 05 dram DOST81181100.00%
Dram 01 dram DOST99499400.00%
Dram 02 dram DOST85885800.00%
Dram 04 dram DOST84184100.00%
Dram 06 dram DOST66766700.00%
04,DİVAN aswell DOST85785700.00%
09,ELFS aswell DOST69369300.00%
11,ELFS aswell DOST61061000.00%
01,DESTAN® aswell DOST54554500.00%
10,ELFS aswell DOST69969900.00%
06,ELFS aswell DOST84384300.00%
17,ELFS aswell DOST40440400.00%
16,ELFS aswell DOST44644600.00%
14,ELFS aswell DOST46046000.00%
13,ELFS aswell DOST56056000.00%
15,ELFS aswell DOST63663600.00%
20,ANCYRA aswell DOST11811800.00%
19,ELFS aswell DOST17417400.00%
18,ELFS aswell DOST28728700.00%
08,ELFS aswell DOST80680600.00%
12,ELFS aswell DOST85285200.00%
07.ELFS aswell DOST81681600.00%
03,CEYLAN aswell DOST91491400.00%