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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Jun KarlenPt shouted:
Givess, Givess, Lee and Lee Bosnia and herzegovina

19-Jun Thurmansat shouted:
Производственная СВ компания "Триада" предлагает

19-Jun YukikoZet shouted:
международные грузоперевозки Пермь

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17-Jun JamesEpilm shouted:
Реальные знакомства взрослых

Server statistics

Alliances 219
Players: 1,413
Villages: 11,529
Population: 6,911,447
Last updated: 21-12-2011
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 14-Decd. 21-Decgrowthgrowth in %
12*Quaoar Ziva MGP67667600.00%
10*Venera Ziva MGP79879800.00%
19*Ceres Ziva MGP33033000.00%
15*Betelguese Ziva MGP48648600.00%
14*Haron Ziva MGP52552500.00%
11*Merkur Ziva MGP77677600.00%
16*Eris Ziva MGP43043000.00%
09*Uran Ziva MGP78278200.00%
04*Luna Ziva MGP71971900.00%
05*Mars Ziva MGP68168100.00%
06*Neptun Ziva MGP69069000.00%
07*Pluton Ziva MGP65565500.00%
01*Sonce Ziva MGP86086000.00%
K 18 Kocno MGP39639600.00%
K 09 Kocno MGP71371300.00%
K 02 Kocno MGP72372300.00%
K 17 Kocno MGP39639600.00%
K 16 Kocno MGP53953900.00%
K 07 Kocno MGP82682600.00%
K 11 Kocno MGP65965900.00%
K 10 Kocno MGP67567500.00%
K 08 Kocno MGP72772700.00%
K WW I Kocno MGP12612600.00%
K WW Kocno MGP29929900.00%
K 13 Kocno MGP62562500.00%
K 14 Kocno MGP58258200.00%
K 12 Kocno MGP63863800.00%
K 15 Kocno MGP56156100.00%
K 06 Kocno MGP83383300.00%
K 05 Kocno MGP78778700.00%
K 01 Kocno MGP1136113600.00%
K 04 Kocno MGP90390300.00%
K 03 Kocno MGP87787700.00%
07 pikapoka pikapoka MGP82182100.00%
02 pikapoka pikapoka MGP93393300.00%
16 pikapoka pikapoka MGP25025000.00%
17 pikapoka pikapoka MGP25325300.00%
01 pikapoka pikapoka MGP85185100.00%
06 pikapoka pikapoka MGP83683600.00%
09 pikapoka pikapoka MGP77177100.00%
13 pikapoka pikapoka MGP56156100.00%
12 pikapoka pikapoka MGP58658600.00%
10 pikapoka pikapoka MGP61861800.00%
11 pikapoka pikapoka MGP66466400.00%
08 pikapoka pikapoka MGP78178100.00%
14 pikapoka pikapoka MGP37637600.00%
15 pikapoka pikapoka MGP37837800.00%
05 pikapoka pikapoka MGP78378300.00%
04 pikapoka pikapoka MGP88688600.00%
pikapoka pikapoka MGP79879800.00%