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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Shout box

18-Jul Surusma shouted:
Saturas, Jared, Roy and Sanuyem Luxembourg

17-Jul LeifBop shouted:
Innostian, Esiel, Irhabar and Candela Luxembourg

17-Jul Ingvarbar shouted:
Goran, Rufus, Rozhov and Karrypto Liberia

17-Jul DenpokKr shouted:
Konrad, Tamkosch, Barrack and Zuben Malawi

17-Jul VandornBisp shouted:
Ivan, Renwik, Bradley and Renwik Qatar

Server statistics

Alliances 70
Players: 536
Villages: 5,240
Population: 3,306,861
Last updated: 30-01-2012
Server started: 07-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 23-Jand. 30-Jangrowthgrowth in %
~4~ lumpek Z.S.65965900.00%
11 Calypso Z.S.36036000.00%
7 Calypso Z.S.61861800.00%
8 Calypso Z.S.60760700.00%
10 Calypso Z.S.48748700.00%
9 Calypso Z.S.54954900.00%
6 Calypso Z.S.62262200.00%
13 Calypso Z.S.49949900.00%
14 Calypso Z.S.28528500.00%
12 Calypso Z.S.53153100.00%
1 Calypso Z.S.79079000.00%
J.A.F.P.G. Calypso Z.S.99099000.00%
2 Calypso Z.S.62262200.00%
5 Calypso Z.S.61561500.00%
3 Calypso Z.S.61661600.00%
PRIDE........... Spartacus Z.S.95795700.00%
PRIDE...... Spartacus Z.S.68768700.00%
PRIDE............ Spartacus Z.S.67667600.00%
PRIDE..... Spartacus Z.S.89289200.00%
PRIDE............. Spartacus Z.S.64464400.00%
PRIDE......... Spartacus Z.S.80380300.00%
PRIDE WW... Spartacus Z.S.51951900.00%
PRIDE WW.. Spartacus Z.S.54054000.00%
PRIDE WW. Spartacus Z.S.54354300.00%
J.A.F.P.G. Spartacus Z.S.89589500.00%
PRIDE....... Spartacus Z.S.91591500.00%
PRIDE........ Spartacus Z.S.1023102300.00%
PRIDE... Spartacus Z.S.84984900.00%
PRIDE.. Spartacus Z.S.86386300.00%
PRIDE.... Spartacus Z.S.89689600.00%
PRIDE.......... Spartacus Z.S.81281200.00%
02.Ženina obljuba pinky11 Z.S.41741700.00%
02.Ženina jeza pinky11 Z.S.51351300.00%
02.Ženina sreča pinky11 Z.S.70470400.00%
Instruktorjev meč pinky11 Z.S.79179100.00%
Instruktorjev DEFF pinky11 Z.S.64064000.00%
Instruktorjev OFF pinky11 Z.S.80380300.00%
01.Galov sprejem pinky11 Z.S.77577500.00%
01.Galova lepota pinky11 Z.S.82682600.00%
01.Galovo gnezdo pinky11 Z.S.85585500.00%
01.Galova baraka pinky11 Z.S.79179100.00%
Novo naselje worm Z.S.969600.00%
hribi7 worm Z.S.44844800.00%
hribi5 worm Z.S.58258200.00%
______ worm Z.S.93893800.00%
_ worm Z.S.27527500.00%
hribi6 worm Z.S.52652600.00%
hribi2 worm Z.S.77177100.00%
Hribi1 worm Z.S.78878800.00%
hribi3 worm Z.S.75375300.00%