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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-Sep Liskpa shouted:
Farmon, Finley, Garik and Yussuf Dominican republic

25-Sep BuffordFelp shouted:
Gorok, Bogir, Olivier and Hamil Vanuatu

25-Sep Sergioulcef shouted:
Здоровье. Health. Антистарение. Жизнь. Реклама

25-Sep Muratmush shouted:
Kalan, Orknarok, Falk and Zarkos Spain

25-Sep GrubuzVof shouted:
Julio, Roy, Merdarion and Folleck Togo

Server statistics

Alliances 163
Players: 1,097
Villages: 8,326
Population: 5,062,836
Last updated: 27-09-2011
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 20-Sepd. 27-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
=116= dorijanus1 BUM23823800.00%
=117= dorijanus1 BUM28328300.00%
=112= dorijanus1 BUM61961900.00%
=111= dorijanus1 BUM64064000.00%
=113= dorijanus1 BUM56956900.00%
=119= dorijanus1 BUM989800.00%
=102= dorijanus1 BUM1119111900.00%
=107= dorijanus1 BUM75575500.00%
=104= dorijanus1 BUM83183100.00%
=103= dorijanus1 BUM86086000.00%
=115= dorijanus1 BUM36336300.00%
=106= dorijanus1 BUM85785700.00%
dorijanus dorijanus BUM84784700.00%
dorijanus5 dorijanus BUM88288200.00%
dorijanus4 dorijanus BUM74974900.00%
dorijanus3 dorijanus BUM84284200.00%
dorijanus15 dorijanus BUM20520500.00%
dorijanus17 dorijanus BUM17517500.00%
dorijanus13 dorijanus BUM34234200.00%
dorijanus9 dorijanus BUM68668600.00%
dorijanus7 dorijanus BUM73473400.00%
dorijanus18 dorijanus BUM686800.00%
dorijanus16 dorijanus BUM25525500.00%
dorijanus11 dorijanus BUM51951900.00%
dorijanus10 dorijanus BUM58658600.00%
dorijanus8 dorijanus BUM74474400.00%
dorijanus12 dorijanus BUM55955900.00%
dorijanus6 dorijanus BUM76776700.00%
dorijanus14 dorijanus BUM34634600.00%
dorijanus1 dorijanus BUM92092000.00%
dorijanus2 dorijanus BUM83283200.00%
cekretek7 klozet BUM73473400.00%
cekretek9 klozet BUM70670600.00%
cekretek16 klozet BUM46646600.00%
cekretek15 klozet BUM33033000.00%
cekretek6 klozet BUM78278200.00%
cekretek4 klozet BUM72772700.00%
cekretek17 klozet BUM24424400.00%
cekretek12 klozet BUM62662600.00%
cekretek11 klozet BUM59259200.00%
cekretek10 klozet BUM71971900.00%
cekretek8 klozet BUM59159100.00%
cekretek18 klozet BUM20020000.00%
cekretek19 klozet BUM23023000.00%
cekretek13 klozet BUM39639600.00%
cekretek3 klozet BUM88588500.00%
cekretek2 klozet BUM99799700.00%
cekretek1 klozet BUM87087000.00%
cekretek5 klozet BUM84984900.00%
cekretek14 klozet BUM56356300.00%