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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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11-Dec pulhwekhgpjs shouted:

11-Dec TuwasMt shouted:
Connor, Dawson, Nasib and Corwyn Bhutan

11-Dec Pabloaboni shouted:

11-Dec JamesExele shouted:

11-Dec GoranKt shouted:
Dennis, Gambal, Campa and Sugut Russian federation

Server statistics

Alliances 176
Players: 1,150
Villages: 13,152
Population: 8,139,774
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
W03 Londinium Julius Caesar New Era76876800.00%
1.2 Target zone Noliferiai New Era91291200.00%
4.0 Noliferiai New Era47347300.00%
3.5 Noliferiai New Era32532500.00%
3.8 Noliferiai New Era25225200.00%
3.9 Noliferiai New Era15215200.00%
3.7 Little Yoda Noliferiai New Era30230200.00%
3.4 Noliferiai New Era38538500.00%
3.3 Natarian village Noliferiai New Era44044000.00%
4.1 Noliferiai New Era11911900.00%
4.2 Noliferiai New Era686800.00%
Tango Shockwave New Era868600.00%
Uniform Shockwave New Era10710700.00%
Victor Shockwave New Era10710700.00%
BOOOMBOX! Shockwave New Era84584500.00%
05 Tallefjant Baywatch969600.00%
03 Tallefjant Baywatch10410400.00%
06 Tallefjant Baywatch898900.00%
04 Tallefjant Baywatch989800.00%
09 Tallefjant Baywatch10110100.00%
08 Tallefjant Baywatch919100.00%
02 Tallefjant Baywatch10710700.00%
01 Tallefjant Baywatch11311300.00%
07 Tallefjant Baywatch10010000.00%
77 Tallefjant Baywatch73973900.00%
75 Tallefjant Baywatch69369300.00%
74 Tallefjant Baywatch68468400.00%
73 Tallefjant Baywatch65365300.00%
99 Tallefjant Baywatch63663600.00%
76 Tallefjant Baywatch68968900.00%
44 Tallefjant Baywatch83883800.00%
55 Tallefjant Baywatch78778700.00%
66 Tallefjant Baywatch92392300.00%
88 Tallefjant Baywatch98098000.00%
53 Tallefjant Baywatch65965900.00%
54 Tallefjant Baywatch73073000.00%
Ponsardin Gula Änkan Baywatch85385300.00%
Veuve Clicquot Gula Änkan Baywatch78978900.00%
Barbe-Nicole Gula Änkan Baywatch66066000.00%
Sec Gula Änkan Baywatch66566500.00%
Brut Gula Änkan Baywatch74374300.00%
Rich Reserve 1996 Gula Änkan Baywatch36936900.00%
Vintage Brut 1996 Gula Änkan Baywatch21821800.00%
La Grande Dame Gula Änkan Baywatch74774700.00%
Chardonnay 28% Gula Änkan Baywatch38238200.00%
pinot noir 56% Gula Änkan Baywatch58158100.00%
nr:7421 Gula Änkan Baywatch60160100.00%
Rosé 1988 Gula Änkan Baywatch48748700.00%
Ny by Gula Änkan Baywatch10910900.00%
Pinot meunier 16% Gula Änkan Baywatch53253200.00%