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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Aug jimmieeq18 shouted:
Fresh about bellhop as project

21-Aug VakOa shouted:
Runak, Benito, Enzo and Gnar Norway

21-Aug Justintic shouted:
Сумка в роддом

21-Aug uyoxoxcep shouted:
Clients why, explicitly lyse silastic flood contracture.

21-Aug Georgetrime shouted:
Коллекционирование — популярное хобби

Server statistics

Alliances 64
Players: 317
Villages: 2,695
Population: 1,652,999
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 17-05-2011
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
Canes Venatici Hår1100.00%
Miss Awesome AP2200.00%
Ratatosk Hår3300.00%
Bullit AP4400.00%
Växthusgaser AP5500.00%
dansken 3 FO86+225.00%
Kromat v e67-1-16.67%
skrutt V78-1-14.29%
ELG V9900.00%
Katten FF1110+19.09%
Bimbo T.A1011-1-10.00%
Zilla T.A1412+214.29%
kronan Hår1213-1-8.33%
Death Monkey AP1314-1-7.69%
Mstar NEW151500.00%
Zork VMN1716+15.88%
vika FF1617-1-6.25%
Bore Hår1918+15.26%
fulafarbrorn FF 20122120+14.76%
Stanley V2621+519.23%
Fenriculven AP222200.00%
orbitrek V1823-5-27.78%
Lovecraft AP2324-1-4.35%
Flourtanterna V252500.00%
SMK FO2726+13.70%
SHM V2428-4-16.67%
mamalugonzo OPUS DEI2829-1-3.57%
bamse New Dawn2930-1-3.45%
rajjen New Dawn313100.00%
cickimama V3332+13.03%
LP! SVÅR3433+12.94%
lillaskrutt V3234-2-6.25%
Shiba VMN3835+37.89%
Fenrisulven V3536-1-2.86%
tonsa Hår3637-1-2.78%
ClarreJ New Dawn4038+25.00%
master man BSA4339+49.30%
Slacker SVÅR4440+49.09%
Skytte SVÅR3941-2-5.13%
Dex V3742-5-13.51%
Pulokz FO4643+36.52%
ROOSTR BSA4544+12.22%
dejan V4245-3-7.14%
Ahile OPUS DEI5046+48.00%
Pliggo FO5947+1220.34%
Starlight New Dawn5348+59.43%
ugc D.M5149+23.92%
KalarMar New Dawn5250+23.85%