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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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26-May YokianSeflerb shouted:
Giacomo, Urkrass, Runak and Sulfock Russian federation

26-May OrtegaGlidorn shouted:
Silas, Shakyor, Asam and Sancho Yemen

26-May Aschnumum shouted:
Jose, Bengerd, Daryl and Arokkh Jamaica

26-May TylerEnvex shouted:
essay writing service N1

26-May Temmyapommahab shouted:
Kalesch, Tyler, Grim and Ismael Burundi

Server statistics

Alliances 48
Players: 377
Villages: 5,422
Population: 3,576,662
Last updated: 09-01-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 02-Jand. 09-Jangrowthgrowth in %
LillegÄrd ROBIN HOOD Alpha-F99999900.00%
01. Absolut Vodka SOAD Sparta84484400.00%
DunkarDans Lair Helde N77377300.00%
DB1 Dakkhan Sparta84784700.00%
05 trullebo scao A-Alpha98798700.00%
01 a ullebo scao A-Alpha1149114900.00%
Gallstone Fievel Alpha-F79779700.00%
0 Rivervale Drekk Sparta84784700.00%
? Nilta Alpha-A1053105300.00%
1.0 Rumtre Rumtre Alpha-VU78378300.00%
El Presidente Lemmy Kilmister N82982900.00%
01.Barn utan ben Lillasyster N75675600.00%
Jokkis1 Jokkis Alpha-G88988900.00%
.B9 COW Quercus Sparta89489400.00%
.B6 Carya Quercus Sparta87787700.00%
Notting Hill Hamilton Alpha-A1015101500.00%
400: Spader Ess Lucifer Alpha-F88788700.00%
X. Pussel lisa5ar Sparta83883800.00%
04 blomman Sparta86086000.00%
A NoN Alpha-F86286200.00%
Sparrfeldt XI Sparrfeldt Alpha-G72772700.00%
Sparrfeldt X Sparrfeldt Alpha-G81181100.00%
Hickory Hill Hamilton Alpha-A95595500.00%
Travian HQ blomman Sparta1039103900.00%
A NoN Alpha-F98598500.00%
D01 Faydas Apo N99199100.00%
Start Westcoast! Sponger Alpha-VU80180100.00%
Dansk vattenskalle Klistergeten Alpha-VU85385300.00%
Fools Gold RobotNiklas Alpha-F89889800.00%
Bronto Lilla My N92392300.00%
Marilyn Monroe Lillpuman N50050000.00%
Knutby Neonvargen Sparta93293200.00%
a01 Quantum Sparta88788700.00%
1 Doftkruset Doftkrus Alpha-A77277200.00%
Bajen 01 bajen Sparta1175117500.00%
Enola Gay Bombaren Alpha-F78878800.00%
Sparrfeldt XXIV Sparrfeldt Alpha-G81781700.00%
Sparrfeldt XXVI Sparrfeldt Alpha-G65365300.00%
Swimtwigsharbour rosa Alpha-F89589500.00%
Isengard Pavo Alpha-F80980900.00%
01 Mikes Threat Mikerose Sparta90890800.00%
1. Guantanamo Djingis Khan Alpha-F93493400.00%
Z1 blahavid Alpha-F87887800.00%
Einn flodas Alpha-A1181118100.00%
Hillerstorp Hamilton Alpha-A85485400.00%
A NoN Alpha-F85585500.00%
Mosquito Bombaren Alpha-F76076000.00%
Hornstull hornstull Alpha-G85685600.00%
B-52 Bombaren Alpha-F92892800.00%