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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 48
Players: 377
Villages: 5,422
Population: 3,576,662
Last updated: 09-01-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 02-Jand. 09-Jangrowthgrowth in %
House of Borg borg Villa10110100.00%
a3 snok FFS54054000.00%
a2 snok FFS82382300.00%
a1 snok FFS57957900.00%
sadegh01 sadeghk FFS87487400.00%
1,Arguineguin börje66 FFS51051000.00%
Bahia Feliz börje66 FFS96696600.00%
sadegh04 sadeghk FFS46946900.00%
Ny by börje66 FFS54954900.00%
sadegh03 sadeghk FFS75675600.00%
by 3 börje66 FFS56156100.00%
sadegh02 sadeghk FFS51651600.00%
sadegh07 sadeghk FFS14614600.00%
sadegh06 sadeghk FFS19519500.00%
sadegh05 sadeghk FFS47647600.00%
sadegh09 sadeghk FFS4400.00%
sadegh08 sadeghk FFS6600.00%
senerseupp rolando FFS87987900.00%
Ny by rolando FFS24224200.00%
Ny by Vercingetorix1 GiLax262600.00%
Burdigala Vercingetorix1 GiLax404000.00%
Tigurini Vercingetorix1 GiLax434300.00%
Cenabum Vercingetorix1 GiLax525200.00%
Noviodunum Vercingetorix1 GiLax525200.00%
Bribacte Vercingetorix1 GiLax21221200.00%
Lugudunum Vercingetorix1 GiLax23623600.00%
Lutetia Vercingetorix1 GiLax80780700.00%
Namnetes Vercingetorix1 GiLax75275200.00%
Alesia Vercingetorix1 GiLax68868800.00%
Steneås Sven Tveskägg GiLax393900.00%
Steneköping Sven Tveskägg GiLax11011000.00%
Ny by Fjölner GiLax989800.00%
New Steneby Sven Tveskägg GiLax35535500.00%
Den himmelska klådan Fjölner GiLax17817800.00%
Konstapel biff Fjölner GiLax24724700.00%
Stenestad Sven Tveskägg GiLax52252200.00%
Den heliga apans hat Fjölner GiLax707000.00%
Fekalier & konfekt Fjölner GiLax41941900.00%
Steneborg Sven Tveskägg GiLax68968900.00%
Steneby Sven Tveskägg GiLax54954900.00%
Bakåtsträvande fjun Fjölner GiLax23723700.00%
Granens by Skrymer GiLax101000.00%
Stenens by Skrymer GiLax343400.00%
Rotens by Skrymer GiLax373700.00%
Svampens by Skrymer GiLax959500.00%
Kvistens by Skrymer GiLax19319300.00%
Mossans by Skrymer GiLax41341300.00%
Kottens by Skrymer GiLax50950900.00%
Barrets by Skrymer GiLax53653600.00%
Stubbens by Skrymer GiLax21621600.00%