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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 48
Players: 377
Villages: 5,422
Population: 3,576,662
Last updated: 09-01-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 02-Jand. 09-Jangrowthgrowth in %
01 Lasses farsa`s by pappa1378137800.00%
02 andra reset Sparta1349134900.00%
Skogen Tarzan W.P1328132800.00%
Arvidsjaur Lillsnorre A-Alpha1313131300.00%
RA 01 Roma Alpha-A1282128200.00%
J02 Jil N1251125100.00%
*Haglösa MiLo B & C1247124700.00%
Aluana Katharyn N1215121500.00%
Nett2 Agneta W.P1209120900.00%
22.Rosa Giraffen Risplockarn HBO1198119800.00%
Europe Cleopatra HBO1198119800.00%
*Stonehenge Xoog B & C1183118300.00%
Slussen hornstull Alpha-G1182118200.00%
Einn flodas Alpha-A1181118100.00%
*Lady Lillafix* Lady&Lufsarna N1179117900.00%
Bajen 01 bajen Sparta1175117500.00%
A-Monster WeeMaN1155115500.00%
Banan Casca Longinus Alpha-F1155115500.00%
FRAG Pavo Alpha-F1154115400.00%
1.Smedby PatJust4Fun Alpha-G1150115000.00%
01 a ullebo scao A-Alpha1149114900.00%
02 Bangkok Svante Sparta1148114800.00%
G.1 Titus Pullo HBO1147114700.00%
Lillafix Viking Quest N1145114500.00%
01.Hawkeye Hawkeye HBO1138113800.00%
02 Mikes HQ Mikerose Sparta1136113600.00%
1.05 Storbyn JaWa Alpha-F1134113400.00%
01 Auxilia OpK1128112800.00%
Ny by jonte67 Alpha-G1127112700.00%
02 Thunder Road Charleston OpK1115111500.00%
01 Lema Alpha-F1114111400.00%
1.2 Alea iacta est Utibushenmannen OpK1111111100.00%
05 Everglades Svante Sparta1111111100.00%
.04 COMEBACK OF TOX Ari Gold ic1111111100.00%
Marazzi madmax W.P1109110900.00%
01. Fear Factor Ohh do Alpha-G1109110900.00%
crude Utopia1108110800.00%
4 Hunt4Blood N1106110600.00%
02.Blå AnKa N1105110500.00%
Berlin Raymon N1105110500.00%
Rom 2 AvisVesuvius HBO1105110500.00%
Dödssamba Omar Little OpK1104110400.00%
20. The Wombats Velites OpK1103110300.00%
Landslide Genesis1102110200.00%
Camparstá Save your soul Alpha-A1102110200.00%
Danutatet zellika Sparta1102110200.00%
.1 - Just Because sannehed Alpha-A1101110100.00%
02.Old Kraken Akilles HBO1100110000.00%
Sparrfeldt II Sparrfeldt Alpha-G1100110000.00%
Pökarängen Neonvargen Sparta1099109900.00%