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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Jul Billylef shouted:

16-Jul GolemowIlya19986 shouted:
Renwik, Phil, Hernando and Inog Liberia

16-Jul EzhewikinaEwdokiya9 shouted:
Hogar, Lars, Gunock and Rasul Sri lanka

16-Jul MakarZherebilov995 shouted:
Musan, Kadok, Raid and Volkar Cayman islands

16-Jul AndreeshhewPavel975 shouted:
Gancka, Pranck, Peratur and Steve Bulgaria

Server statistics

Alliances 442
Players: 2,708
Villages: 25,486
Population: 16,067,822
Last updated: 15-09-2011
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 08-Sepd. 15-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
00 15 Вечный ньюб! SP88288200.00%
00 14 Вечный ньюб! SP74974900.00%
00 19 Вечный ньюб! SP71871800.00%
00 07 Вечный ньюб! SP75775700.00%
00 12А) Вечный ньюб! SP66766700.00%
00 27 Вечный ньюб! SP43343300.00%
00 21 Вечный ньюб! SP62562500.00%
00 17 Вечный ньюб! SP70070000.00%
00 26 Вечный ньюб! SP76876800.00%
00 22 Вечный ньюб! SP65665600.00%
00 16 Вечный ньюб! SP70570500.00%
00 29 Вечный ньюб! SP18518500.00%
00 30 Вечный ньюб! SP18218200.00%
00 28 Вечный ньюб! SP20020000.00%
00 08 Вечный ньюб! SP88788700.00%
00 18 Вечный ньюб! SP75975900.00%
00 25 Вечный ньюб! SP52052000.00%
00 31 Вечный ньюб! SP11511500.00%
00 24 Вечный ньюб! SP59159100.00%
00 02 Вечный ньюб! SP82282200.00%
0 10 Вечный ньюб! SP1030103000.00%
00 23 Вечный ньюб! SP74474400.00%
Holsten Beer1 FrD45345300.00%
Miller Beer1 FrD54454400.00%
Efes Beer1 FrD88888800.00%
Tuborg Beer1 FrD74974900.00%
Beck;s Beer1 FrD49249200.00%
Bavaria Beer1 FrD34834800.00%
Carlsberg Beer1 FrD81181100.00%
Baltika Beer1 FrD64864800.00%
Heineken Beer1 FrD88888800.00%
Skol Beer1 FrD63563500.00%
Bud Beer1 FrD95895800.00%
Деревня Svet Svetot 1158458400.00%
Imps pitokoee lineage58658600.00%
*** Викинг K&S65165100.00%
Преторианово Викинг K&S89289200.00%
* Викинг K&S69569500.00%
Новая деревня Викинг K&S45545500.00%
**** Викинг K&S59859800.00%
Новая деревня Викинг K&S51851800.00%
Удар Кабана... Викинг K&S80080000.00%
Легионерово Викинг K&S67167100.00%
** Викинг K&S65665600.00%
Привет, друзья) Викинг K&S1053105300.00%
Новая деревня Scryed NEO™13213200.00%
Дерефня Scryed NEO™64764700.00%
06.Norther fRg Hopa-T11111100.00%
05.IF fRg Hopa-T28928900.00%
04.Kalmah fRg Hopa-T16116100.00%