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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 186
Players: 832
Villages: 9,166
Population: 5,923,063
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
PepsiMAX ZOG104401044000.00%
ник2 PRIEM1894189400.00%
алилуябрат Скифы8528852800.00%
Звёздочка Скифы7034703400.00%
Танька С181411814100.00%
StormShadow PREVED9116911600.00%
Zingeriart 13сектор2556255600.00%
mamont ZOG153861538600.00%
isla de muerte Sicilia2435243500.00%
Paso Adelante О П Г155601556000.00%
reda83 Бреган136091360900.00%
Какашка НОУТ4657465700.00%
Relax СВК5265526500.00%
MAXSIMUS дф...7729772900.00%
Гал Мы7276727600.00%
Мангуст ZOO156791567900.00%
wildwest Бреган141271412700.00%
Немчура НОУТ44044000.00%
igor k Б.К.3610361000.00%
antonzabyl Мы4285428500.00%
ALEX_AND_ALEX Мы1875187500.00%
секас С117901179000.00%
Жук Q-M1389138900.00%
SaTa Б.К.1897189700.00%
люций С8576857600.00%
Oleksa С5282528200.00%
Игорь К С100081000800.00%
Конфетка Q-M2927292700.00%
БАРС НОУТ6177617700.00%
Катастрофа Трудъ116611166100.00%
Бабуся ZOO133701337000.00%
НеПоймиКто Трудъ9045904500.00%
БУРЫЙ МЕДВЕДЬ НОУТ7044704400.00%
175opp QUASАR165161651600.00%
K.L.E.O НОУТ4398439800.00%
ГРЫЗЛИ ZOO179481794800.00%
Prévention ЮЗ103531035300.00%
КОЙОТ ZOO206662066600.00%
Тигра ZOO6317631700.00%
Чингиз-Хан ОРДА137201372000.00%
дюша Трудъ118051180500.00%
Sayler NAPALM111161111600.00%
Dungeon Master Classik2169216900.00%
Карак Cтихия9118911800.00%