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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-Mar FlintDeX shouted:
Arokkh, Grubuz, Bradley and Tempeck Malaysia

25-Mar HogarSwiva shouted:
Sebastian, Ingvar, Dan and Boss Burkina faso

25-Mar Gorokrot shouted:
Grimboll, Eusebio, Agenak and Agenak Guyana

25-Mar MariusBoavaBymn shouted:
Yokian, Tizgar, Rendell and Sinikar Belarus

25-Mar GrompelIncurgY shouted:
Mezir, Gembak, Rakus and Gnar Fiji

Server statistics

Alliances 186
Players: 832
Villages: 9,166
Population: 5,923,063
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
1 Jlоnya ФСБ95295200.00%
18 Jlоnya ФСБ90890800.00%
27 Jlоnya ФСБ95495400.00%
22 Jlоnya ФСБ91591500.00%
21 Jlоnya ФСБ91791700.00%
19 Jlоnya ФСБ93593500.00%
53!!! Jlоnya ФСБ101000.00%
49 Jlоnya ФСБ68668600.00%
42 Jlоnya ФСБ86586500.00%
28 Jlоnya ФСБ84884800.00%
25 Jlоnya ФСБ1120112000.00%
46 Jlоnya ФСБ79779700.00%
29 Jlоnya ФСБ86186100.00%
44 Jlоnya ФСБ77777700.00%
34 Jlоnya ФСБ87887800.00%
32 Jlоnya ФСБ81881800.00%
52 Jlоnya ФСБ44344300.00%
50 Jlоnya ФСБ65165100.00%
45 Jlоnya ФСБ72172100.00%
43 Jlоnya ФСБ72572500.00%
51 Jlоnya ФСБ57457400.00%
48 Jlоnya ФСБ76676600.00%
26 Jlоnya ФСБ88888800.00%
24 Jlоnya ФСБ86886800.00%
23 Jlоnya ФСБ90690600.00%
8 Jlоnya ФСБ90790700.00%
7 Jlоnya ФСБ92492400.00%
6 Jlоnya ФСБ95195100.00%
10 Jlоnya ФСБ90190100.00%
12 Jlоnya ФСБ90790700.00%
2 Jlоnya ФСБ97797700.00%
(06)Мамедова Щель Kulik ФСБ61661600.00%
(04)Кураньивка Kulik ФСБ64164100.00%
(08)Им.Л.Яшина Kulik ФСБ60260200.00%
(07)Фернандесовка Kulik ФСБ63063000.00%
(02)Военная Щель Kulik ФСБ69069000.00%
(12)Шуниновка Kulik ФСБ33133100.00%
(13)Новая деревня Kulik ФСБ23123100.00%
Новая деревня Kulik ФСБ11511500.00%
(14)ehfhfe Kulik ФСБ11911900.00%
(09)Самедовка Kulik ФСБ54554500.00%
(11)Гранатовка Kulik ФСБ35735700.00%
Новая деревня Kulik ФСБ444400.00%
(10)Уилкшировка Kulik ФСБ48748700.00%
(05)Семшовка Kulik ФСБ66066000.00%
(03)Ворониновка Kulik ФСБ65165100.00%
(01)Трезвая Kulik ФСБ1330133000.00%
5. К.М.Б BestLogin Front™ик595900.00%
4. Rancho BestLogin Front™ик14514500.00%
3. Modok BestLogin Front™ик22622600.00%