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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Jul BenJar shouted:
Rasarus, Grok, Larson and Sigmor Kiribati

19-Jul Altuswrold shouted:
Derek, Vibald, Campa and Ismael Togo

19-Jul Esieltopyinvon shouted:
Bengerd, Sven, Kent and Frithjof Netherlands

19-Jul CarlosFAF shouted:
Lester, Jaffar, Ben and Miguel Lebanon

19-Jul CarolynCen shouted:
Looking for a boyfriend

Server statistics

Alliances 279
Players: 1,745
Villages: 17,070
Population: 10,311,030
Last updated: 13-01-2012
Server started: 18-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Jand. 13-Jangrowthgrowth in %
Unbroken eugen1 Hydra1081108100.00%
14 marciz Despot Рhoeniх70070000.00%
01 Despot Despot Рhoeniх90790700.00%
Служба поддержки Support Support626200.00%
МЯСОcomБИНАТ OPJIAH W&H^A71471400.00%
Герцония OPJIAH W&H^A65765700.00%
California maverick_two80980900.00%
1.Ерембург* Ерема МИР95495400.00%
(01)Козерн Neron *AJE*80180100.00%
Виндхук Поручик Hydra1082108200.00%
*Сити1 Николай64 МИР1056105600.00%
Шалушка Калай Рhoenix85385300.00%
Азау Калай Рhoenix1011101100.00%
Подсадная Voland66066000.00%
Тюмень Василий тёмный96296200.00%
Зюзюкино sava *AJE*76476400.00%
25. Веселый бурундук sava *AJE*76376300.00%
КамикадзЕ sava *AJE*98098000.00%
22. Necessary sava *AJE*78078000.00%
METABOLIC Buddy. Hydra66866800.00%
010 Дрейк VALHALLA82182100.00%
(23)Гамбург Neron *AJE*57457400.00%
21. SLTS sava *AJE*79479400.00%
00 gohmann Crazy D56056000.00%
1.Погост Serg Hydrа90790700.00%
01.Собаков Nidhoegg GОLD387087000.00%
*1* k_a_n GОLD364764700.00%
WeST WeST84 REORG1061106100.00%
* gr0milla90390300.00%
17 Гигантовская * 1HCP GОLD397597500.00%
. 1HCP GОLD398798700.00%
ﭻ1.1ﭻ ухтых GOLL387087000.00%
NO* диамант Pirates97797700.00%
Ne sroslos SvsO GОLD369369300.00%
Gnezdo * SvsO GОLD373073000.00%
Наследство SvsO GОLD376076000.00%
На скоростях Тортуга GОLD391791700.00%
Tundra SvsO GОLD368068000.00%
Da nu vas SvsO GОLD370270200.00%
blahblah`град SvsO GОLD387387300.00%
Crazy`град SvsO GОLD384784700.00%
Rainbow`град SvsO GОLD385285200.00%
1 возможно вы устали vera Black-В76676600.00%
бриллиаnt Тортуга GОLD388688600.00%
Jacky Тортуга GОLD389789700.00%
10 Крепость * 1HCP GОLD389489400.00%
22 ресовая * 1HCP GОLD389989900.00%
ГОЛД АТАКУЕТ SvsO GОLD391891800.00%
Чебурашка Лепота -БМТ-27527500.00%
1.Чёрная жемчужина Тортуга GОLD379979900.00%