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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 576
Players: 3,867
Villages: 34,589
Population: 22,453,757
Last updated: 27-09-2011
Server started: 05-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 20-Sepd. 27-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
... grib RNW-G1226122600.00%
2 R-2 RNW-G97497400.00%
Старт Creyser RNW-G75475400.00%
... grib RNW-G1122112200.00%
1 TAIS RNW-G63563500.00%
fomiha. krawsin RNW-G92392300.00%
18 TAIS RNW-G50450400.00%
. takprosto RNW-G84984900.00%
. TAIS RNW-G1140114000.00%
кукан тать RNW-G1178117800.00%
1.2 mleax2 RNW-G1032103200.00%
Так_все_началось))) takprosto RNW-G84784700.00%
Саливали Денисан RNW-G88788700.00%
fomiha krawsin RNW-G91591500.00%
. TAIS RNW-G68068000.00%
D-12 makesmile RNW-G1007100700.00%
D-15 makesmile RNW-G202000.00%
D-14 makesmile RNW-G919100.00%
D-13 makesmile RNW-G12612600.00%
Dreamplace makesmile RNW-G32632600.00%
D-11 makesmile RNW-G29329300.00%
D-10 makesmile RNW-G57757700.00%
D-9 makesmile RNW-G43143100.00%
D-7 makesmile RNW-G58358300.00%
D-6 makesmile RNW-G64364300.00%
Tornado Мoonlight RNW-G93293200.00%
Midnight Мoonlight RNW-G91991900.00%
Hurricane Мoonlight RNW-G91991900.00%
Storm Мoonlight RNW-G90990900.00%
California Мoonlight RNW-G91991900.00%
Trade Wind Мoonlight RNW-G93193100.00%
Indiana Мoonlight RNW-G96896800.00%
Snickers Мoonlight RNW-G85985900.00%
Monsoon Мoonlight RNW-G91591500.00%
Mars Мoonlight RNW-G97797700.00%
Sun Мoonlight RNW-G90990900.00%
Poison Мoonlight RNW-G74074000.00%
Fox Мoonlight RNW-G1019101900.00%
Twilight Мoonlight RNW-G92392300.00%
+++ Мoonlight RNW-G38138100.00%
Freedom Мoonlight RNW-G51551500.00%
Breeze Мoonlight RNW-G92792700.00%
Wind Мoonlight RNW-G99899800.00%
Talisman Мoonlight RNW-G95395300.00%
. Мoonlight RNW-G1079107900.00%
D-1 makesmile RNW-G1032103200.00%
Paradise Мoonlight RNW-G98598500.00%
Distance Мoonlight RNW-G95395300.00%
Passion Мoonlight RNW-G67567500.00%
Eagle Flight Мoonlight RNW-G90790700.00%