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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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18-Jan Edwardlix shouted:
apetube mobi

17-Jan Edwardlix shouted:
apetube mobi

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07-Jan Lord Aslan shouted:
Why aren't there 11-20 levels of treasury?

Server statistics

Alliances 576
Players: 3,867
Villages: 34,589
Population: 22,453,757
Last updated: 27-09-2011
Server started: 05-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 20-Sepd. 27-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
Мессина stasuk6 Селезни1444144400.00%
DaSis-FanTaStiSh mpcy TwP1395139500.00%
Хорада RoadHawk RHA1327132700.00%
[03] аЦЦкиё УдгО DuckTales Утки1317131700.00%
. Не надо ля-ля! PRIMЕ1310131000.00%
Plutovka Pluttt R.N.W. m1305130500.00%
1 Karl Marks delux1294129400.00%
[09] УточГо ♠ DuckTales Утки1293129300.00%
[04] oО, новая Ѽ DuckTales Утки1291129100.00%
Makpyxa2000-1 makpyxa2000 Кулаки1281128100.00%
Солнца свет kimar5321276127600.00%
[08] ХренЪЪ DuckTales Утки1275127500.00%
Ф-2 alladin1 R.N.W.1273127300.00%
pt00 МАТВЕЕВ R.N.W.D.1270127000.00%
Великий Новгород Саурон Селезни1270127000.00%
[21] ШыыызА DuckTales Утки1269126900.00%
[10] убЪю за 20€ DuckTales Утки1267126700.00%
TERW2011 TERW R.N.W-Z1265126500.00%
№~1 Славян123 R.N.W.D.1264126400.00%
. grib RNW-G1264126400.00%
. Ратибор R.N.W.1264126400.00%
Васюки foxraptor R.N.W.D.1255125500.00%
Gall-city Ilya2005 Tornado1253125300.00%
КМ 3,4,5 Н90 raattention KOДEKC-H1252125200.00%
SPARTA Udgin RNW-R GP1251125100.00%
[12]no Coments.... DuckTales Утки1250125000.00%
Вавилон Юрий999 СС181250125000.00%
Живымянедамся nect_aa Inquisit1249124900.00%
d2 bardak Индейцы1248124800.00%
ЛЫСЫЕ ГОПЫ Tanzwut ОДКБ1247124700.00%
kalde075075(1) kalde075075 RNW-R GP1246124600.00%
. bulbul Селезни1245124500.00%
1 grib RNW-G1244124400.00%
. grib RNW-G1243124300.00%
[01]start off DuckTales Утки1239123900.00%
[06] оППачки ♔ DuckTales Утки1237123700.00%
. SK. R.N.W.1236123600.00%
камелот Rendji Х.О-shem1235123500.00%
49 munich ...1235123500.00%
[14]СеняПревеД DuckTales Утки1235123500.00%
. Alevar TwP1234123400.00%
Себеж skobaryek Х.О-АТОМ1234123400.00%
. LATEX Кря_кря1234123400.00%
. Юля Слесарь Утята1231123100.00%
Берлин kest RNW-V1230123000.00%
02. Адреналин Endоrphin R.N.W.1229122900.00%
РИМ RomanX Х.О-АТОМ1228122800.00%
1.0 VAnk PRIMЕ1227122700.00%
Precious Wrong TwP1227122700.00%
00l lesia X.D1227122700.00%