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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Shout box

19-Dec KillianBabenty shouted:
Finley, Goran, Gunock and Boss Bolivia

19-Dec Varekdiriugs shouted:
Peer, Konrad, Gnar and Chenor Antigua and barbuda

19-Dec AbbasANARA shouted:
Mojok, Torn, Yussuf and Redge Burkina faso

19-Dec KliffCon shouted:
Basir, Ballock, Ugo and Merdarion Rwanda

19-Dec Killianfum shouted:
Julio, Vatras, Thorus and Lester Hungary

Server statistics

Alliances 84
Players: 1,220
Villages: 14,284
Population: 9,453,185
Last updated: 10-01-2012
Server started: 21-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 03-Jand. 10-Jangrowthgrowth in %
4.Smerg-zmaj Bastijana TW -VOLT55055000.00%
6. U ters TW -VOLT25425400.00%
Boris cica TW -VOLT73473400.00%
Patriša Roulends MisterNo TW -VOLT69369300.00%
9-k-3. Sparta brutality TW -VOLT77977900.00%
Pečenjara maxocoola TW -VOLT989800.00%
paolo ????? MisterNo TW -VOLT72872800.00%
10 Gvozdjurija Verano TW -VOLT77277200.00%
9-k-2. Gospodjinci brutality TW -VOLT1011101100.00%
5. K ters TW -VOLT36936900.00%
09 Pudarci Verano TW -VOLT84884800.00%
Valentina cica TW -VOLT74474400.00%
08 Gajevi Verano TW -VOLT85085000.00%
Prozivka maxocoola TW -VOLT808000.00%
Fil Muligan MisterNo TW -VOLT85885800.00%
nemanja brutality TW -VOLT1059105900.00%
6.Tula Valliant TW -VOLT1020102000.00%
brutality brutality TW -VOLT1054105400.00%
4. s ters TW -VOLT56956900.00%
07 Keramika Verano TW -VOLT83583500.00%
Tara cica TW -VOLT82782700.00%
3.Muru-Jezero suza Bastijana TW -VOLT72772700.00%
1 voja76 TW -VOLT1148114800.00%
asterix 2 voja76 TW -VOLT53953900.00%
06 Gojkovci Verano TW -VOLT81881800.00%
3. r ters TW -VOLT59859800.00%
Albion Dejsan TW -VOLT51651600.00%
5.Lovac u žitu Valliant TW -VOLT95995900.00%
Lidija ?3 brutality TW -VOLT1123112300.00%
Detelinara maxocoola TW -VOLT868600.00%
4.Raspevani Mač Valliant TW -VOLT96796700.00%
kosac brutality TW -VOLT1065106500.00%
OS ex. bbdk brutality TW -VOLT64564500.00%
2. e ters TW -VOLT68568500.00%
05 Vićevac Verano TW -VOLT83183100.00%
15 Prekovci Verano TW -VOLT86986900.00%
ti i ja cica TW -VOLT88188100.00%
04 Dvorski carevi Verano TW -VOLT85985900.00%
3.Daleko Selo Valliant TW -VOLT98998900.00%
[01] Master of Pain brutality TW -VOLT86786700.00%
03 Carski dvori Verano TW -VOLT1069106900.00%
2.Perelin-Noćna šuma Bastijana TW -VOLT90090000.00%
Oto Kruger MisterNo TW -VOLT91091000.00%
11 Čičkovac Verano TW -VOLT87187100.00%
nastavnik cica TW -VOLT95095000.00%
9-k-1. Nemanjikus brutality TW -VOLT1043104300.00%
02 Brestovi Verano TW -VOLT1019101900.00%
cica cica TW -VOLT89389300.00%
01 Aleja Verano TW -VOLT85685600.00%
1.Goab-Pustinja boja Bastijana TW -VOLT98998900.00%