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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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18-Oct Vandornpr shouted:
Cole, Irmak, Abe and Hurit Guinea-bissau

18-Oct KanRads shouted:
Hjalte, Fadi, Sibur-Narad and Pavel Congo

18-Oct Gamalnome shouted:
Uruk, Mojok, Jose and Karlen Bolivia

18-Oct TarasRet shouted:
Абай Камалов победителm премии президента

18-Oct ChrisFek shouted:
Randall, Raid, Kasim and Stejnar United states minor outlying i

Server statistics

Alliances 472
Players: 3,613
Villages: 31,749
Population: 19,566,091
Last updated: 25-10-2010
Server started: 03-11-2009
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 18-Octd. 25-Octgrowthgrowth in %
sir gold pfF5599559900.00%
kristal18 EnyOSW 5122471224700.00%
amigo RESPECT109461094600.00%
oleg Benga ON130511305100.00% TITANSS5852585200.00%
scsabas Debrecen4750475000.00%
Greenu EnyOSW 4102501025000.00%
Sektear TITANSS142801428000.00%
dragutzu PUTERE140441404400.00%
joi EnyoSE 67295729500.00%
maToL RESPECT6135613500.00%
tor EnyoSE 3173101731000.00%
lord cluj EnyQ7373737300.00%
geluone EnyQ6658665800.00%
koko CAM. 48150041500400.00%
pedronius EnyQ115091150900.00%
laura29ro NO NAME174901749000.00%
Mag NO NAME211162111600.00%
Hadess1818 REUN1TED4875487500.00%
werewulf ENYO Sw1129112900.00%
DasReich EnyQ 82141214100.00%
pity179 EnyoSE 58869886900.00%
aaaa TITANSS150651506500.00%
mara_s EnyQ254282542800.00%
nollum TITANSS8118811800.00%
CIC78 EnyoSE13139851398500.00%
ncusor01 EnyoSE138222822200.00%
corrad EnyO SE142171421700.00%
Apollo EnyO SE356903569000.00%
cipri2410 EnyO X6315631500.00%
Profetu PUTERE313223132200.00%
decebal deluxe POWER119481194800.00%
lidtm CASTI-5101751017500.00%
Sylver EnyoSE13202082020800.00%
ravanelly CASTITAS7312731200.00%
Black Papy NO NAME7755775500.00%
asterix TITANS-D6279627900.00%
McGaby EnyOSW 2100461004600.00%
SCHRACK Kickass4239423900.00%
mmm3ro TITANSS136681366800.00%
gogut TITANS122011220100.00%
Bella EnyoSE138346834600.00%
severinss EnyoSE118475847500.00%
Seckmet PUTERE 18738873800.00%
AgReSiV RESPECT8262826200.00%
mily72 EnyoSE139498949800.00%
pyann PUTERE147251472500.00%