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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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18-Jun DerekRoors shouted:

17-Jun JamesEpilm shouted:
Реальные знакомства взрослых

16-Jun Shirleyagigh shouted:
правила пассажирских перевозок автотранспортом

16-Jun SulfockGync shouted:
Sven, Georg, Taklar and Milok Romania

16-Jun DawsonSib shouted:
Fedor, Aidan, Randall and Kadok Mauritania

Server statistics

Alliances 472
Players: 3,613
Villages: 31,749
Population: 19,566,091
Last updated: 25-10-2010
Server started: 03-11-2009
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 18-Octd. 25-Octgrowthgrowth in %
cazemata EnyoSE111983198300.00%
SuperStiucka R3uniTeD1973197300.00%
carla EnyOSW 58587858700.00%
bunicutzza SAINTS5629562900.00%
SPACEMAN CASTI-13536353600.00%
strunfy EnyoSE 16954695400.00%
Brisseis EnyoSE137603760300.00%
korneker EnyOSW 7163301633000.00%
Night Dreamer EnyoSE 39303930300.00%
Mittens EnyOSW219842198400.00%
Suport.Ro7 Ro7.Team0000.00%
teleleu EnyoSE136104610400.00%
tambric CASTITAS5818581800.00%
bajetu Casti-3126041260400.00%
qzzatu EnyoSE 95808580800.00%
NuAndrei EnyoSE13110031100300.00%
sentiment EnyoSE 6167751677500.00%
Far Eastern PUTERE 16785678500.00%
gangsta TITANS-D7488748800.00%
ciresarii CASTI-57982798200.00%
dragoc c2664266400.00%
Morrpheus RESPECT7019701900.00%
Heracle EnyO-SW5032503200.00%
alin67 CURAJ2098209800.00%
tiranul EnyoSE114350435000.00%
pompilia 1 EnyOSW12223222300.00%
Mr.Santa EnyOSE 8112771127700.00%
veteranul EnyO-SW7396739600.00%
Moonlight TITANS.3103310300.00%
AlahkabanA All4Nord9442944200.00%
maurice All4Nord121271212700.00%
KOMURA Kickass4025402500.00%
V1OREL Respect2113881138800.00%
cannabisZ DINICU100991009900.00%
VANDA Kickass2849284900.00%
scochiş HD-SEALs47747700.00%
Pufi EnyOSW168061680600.00%
zyppo1977 EnyOSW 79616961600.00%
oase_yo EnyoSE136400640000.00%
D.A.C. EnyoSE13253232532300.00%
borabora TITANS-O4056405600.00%
Adix EnyO-SW296142961400.00%
kfk EnyoSE139547954700.00%
ina Casti-33561356100.00%
ScoobyDoo TITANS.6987698700.00%
kiborg555 TITANS.137581375800.00%