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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Oct OrtegaNusa shouted:
Arakos, Boss, Berek and Giores Panama

20-Oct RozhovEi shouted:
Tjalf, Jack, Anog and Ur-Gosh Burkina faso

20-Oct GregoryAstop shouted:

20-Oct InogMt shouted:
Hector, Sanford, Fedor and Vak Anguilla

20-Oct Nefariusrare shouted:
Inog, Leif, Goran and Makas Serbia and montenegro

Server statistics

Alliances 472
Players: 3,613
Villages: 31,749
Population: 19,566,091
Last updated: 25-10-2010
Server started: 03-11-2009
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Octd. 25-Octgrowthgrowth in %
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW95795700.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW93793700.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW97297200.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW1025102500.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW81681600.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW1001100100.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW85585500.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW73773700.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW84484400.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW76876800.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW1005100500.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW84884800.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW70970900.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW90690600.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW86786700.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW232300.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW222200.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW232300.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW31131100.00%
Silviu_Robert real37 EnyO-SW83983900.00%
te iubesc te iubesc Kickass56556500.00%
Sat nou te iubesc Kickass707000.00%
Sat nou te iubesc Kickass141400.00%
byndy te iubesc Kickass25525500.00%
Arezan- hombre Kickass70370300.00%
Sec de Murfatlar hombre Kickass52852800.00%
Rai de Murfatlar hombre Kickass50850800.00%
Zaraza- hombre Kickass81281200.00%
Lacrima lui Ovidiu hombre Kickass1059105900.00%
Support 16- hombre Kickass77377300.00%
La racoare hombre Kickass44644600.00%
Zestrea Murfatlar hombre Kickass36936900.00%
Support 18 hombre Kickass62062000.00%
Support 20 hombre Kickass28528500.00%
Mamaia- hombre Kickass39639600.00%
Sat nou hombre Kickass323200.00%
Support 17 hombre Kickass97297200.00%
Grasa de Cotnari hombre Kickass1008100800.00%
Mugur de vita- hombre Kickass1042104200.00%
Trei hectare- hombre Kickass1038103800.00%
Conu Alecu hombre Kickass1041104100.00%
Ferma Noua hombre Kickass89389300.00%
FETELE ALBE KOMURA Kickass83883800.00%
Sat nou KOMURA Kickass73373300.00%
Sat nou KOMURA Kickass42442400.00%
Sat nou KOMURA Kickass12412400.00%
Sat nou KOMURA Kickass686800.00%
Sat nou KOMURA Kickass676700.00%
Sat nou KOMURA Kickass666600.00%
KOGAIONON KOMURA Kickass84584500.00%