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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 472
Players: 3,613
Villages: 31,749
Population: 19,566,091
Last updated: 25-10-2010
Server started: 03-11-2009
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Octd. 25-Octgrowthgrowth in %
03 Alocasia DracaEna EnyO SE1426142600.00%
. Luc!o Benga ON1360136000.00%
Lescala mistermario EnyoSE 31351135100.00%
SILVIU_ROBERT dilaul EnyOSW1314131400.00%
Satul D.CRISTINA-D d.cristina EnyOSW 71313131300.00%
Gabriella45 Gabriella45 EnyOSW 51312131200.00%
WW Dead&Gone CASTITAS1311131100.00%
chiorete A chiorete EnyoSE 51310131000.00%
. euss NO NAME1294129400.00%
un_q un_q EnyOSW 51288128800.00%
O limonada EnyoSE 61283128300.00%
sarajevo 1 florin22 EnyOSW1282128200.00%
crai1 craita EnyoSE 11280128000.00%
toha stelystu toha EnyoSE 71277127700.00%
Kalimdor pauluno TITANS X1274127400.00%
quercus quercus EnyoSE101261126100.00%
Eruptia akolo Casti-31258125800.00%
O liv&liv EnyO-SW1255125500.00%
O el_nath EnyOSW 21254125400.00%
alexandru I alexandrus EnyOSW 71254125400.00%
OptiKid radu1993 EnyOSW 91253125300.00%
Mongose mongose TITANS-O1248124800.00%
Resita codroi EnyoSE101247124700.00%
Adriobarzapolis adriobarzanes EnyOSW 21247124700.00%
GABA GABA EnyOSW 91246124600.00%
~bogdan84~ bogdan84 EnyO-SW1244124400.00%
0 brosteanuandrei EnyoSE131244124400.00%
marusa marusa EnyOSW 71243124300.00%
▓▒♥Capitala♥ ▒ warrior EnyOSW 71241124100.00%
1 REICH mandrescu EnyOSW 51237123700.00%
01. Paradisul Verde politia R3un!TeD1235123500.00%
. claudia25 Respect21233123300.00%
EnyQ X euhen EnyO X1230123000.00%
gabriel-ion gabriel-ion RESPECT1227122700.00%
Daedalus krysty2061 CASTI-11227122700.00%
fed1 fed2 EnyOSW 71226122600.00%
Aly aly83 TITANS1224122400.00%
drica drica EnyOSW 21224122400.00%
RAI aladinx EnyOSW 71222122200.00%
S`aud urme...! ;D MARIDAN TITANS X1222122200.00%
Silviu+Robert gale EnyoSE 91222122200.00%
03.EUROMAN euromanu RESPECT1222122200.00%
,▼हथहص▼ dedalus RESPECT1221122100.00%
Silviu_Robert cuculeasa EnyOSW 51221122100.00%
EnyO bog25 EnyOSW 71221122100.00%
01 king_arthur EnyOSW 51221122100.00%
PENTRU SILVIU ROBERT neeei EnyoSE 51221122100.00%
Satul lui domnuldima domnuldima Respect21221122100.00%
00.Origini Travian4 EnyOSW 71221122100.00%
manhar02 manhar EnyOSW 41219121900.00%