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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Jul Billylef shouted:

16-Jul GolemowIlya19986 shouted:
Renwik, Phil, Hernando and Inog Liberia

16-Jul EzhewikinaEwdokiya9 shouted:
Hogar, Lars, Gunock and Rasul Sri lanka

16-Jul MakarZherebilov995 shouted:
Musan, Kadok, Raid and Volkar Cayman islands

16-Jul AndreeshhewPavel975 shouted:
Gancka, Pranck, Peratur and Steve Bulgaria

Server statistics

Alliances 74
Players: 712
Villages: 7,180
Population: 4,522,051
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
Laleaua pegas DF NE0584884800.00%
Cezar pegas DF NE0596096000.00%
Bujor pegas DF NE0598098000.00%
D4tech A4tech DF NE0589989900.00%
K7tech A4tech DF NE0584384300.00%
K4tech A4tech DF NE051037103700.00%
K1tech A4tech DF NE0598098000.00%
K6tech A4tech DF NE0593793700.00%
K2tech A4tech DF NE051004100400.00%
K3tech A4tech DF NE051078107800.00%
C4tech A4tech DF NE0595195100.00%
I4tech A4tech DF NE0595295200.00%
G4tech A4tech DF NE0586986900.00%
K5tech A4tech DF NE0596796700.00%
E4tech A4tech DF NE0597297200.00%
H4tech A4tech DF NE0594494400.00%
K12tech A4tech DF NE0569869800.00%
B4tech A4tech DF NE051071107100.00%
J4tech A4tech DF NE051008100800.00%
F4tech A4tech DF NE0597097000.00%
TECH A4tech DF NE051100110000.00%
☠Stai Relax e Fake☠ A4tech DF NE051057105700.00%
K11tech A4tech DF NE0580080000.00%
K8tech A4tech DF NE0583983900.00%
K9tech A4tech DF NE0594294200.00%
K10tech A4tech DF NE0593593500.00%
04 crack DF NE0556456400.00%
01 crack DF NE0576276200.00%
02 crack DF NE0569769700.00%
03 crack DF NE0556956900.00%
3 Petrumircea petrumircea DF NE766166100.00%
2 Petrumircea petrumircea DF NE770770700.00%
Sat nou petrumircea DF NE710310300.00%
1 Petrumircea petrumircea DF NE790890800.00%
1-n Sat Vechi :) PigHunt DF NE765565500.00%
4-a Sat Vechi B-) PigHunt DF NE714614600.00%
2-a Sat Vechi :-/ PigHunt DF NE729329300.00%
3-a Sat Vechi :D PigHunt DF NE725825800.00%
Sat nou dudulainen DF NE7616100.00%
02.urban07 dudulainen DF NE765465400.00%
03.puma79 dudulainen DF NE761861800.00%
06.puma69 dudulainen DF NE751051000.00%
Sat nou dudulainen DF NE751351300.00%
Sat nou dudulainen DF NE742342300.00%
05.Kirkanu dudulainen DF NE753353300.00%
01.dudulainen dudulainen DF NE781181100.00%
04.Hive dudulainen DF NE756056000.00%
V1 SCORPION DF NE748648600.00%
☠Stai Relax e Fake☠ SCORPION DF NE765965900.00%