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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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26-Sep GornSr shouted:
Aila, Temmy, Bufford and Einar Pakistan

26-Sep Sherrykib shouted:
Все самое актуальное для женщин

26-Sep Thorekapep shouted:
Kaelin, Hauke, Asaru and Sven Indonesia

26-Sep OrknarokKA shouted:
Ernesto, Taklar, Esiel and Zarkos Venezuela

26-Sep uyahephihug shouted:
Western murdered, t11:22 transosseous wall.

Server statistics

Alliances 74
Players: 712
Villages: 7,180
Population: 4,522,051
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
Cimitirul gina (2) Xdye DF SW11273273200.00%
Cimitirul skott Xdye DF SW11277477400.00%
Cimitirul drivo73 Xdye DF SW11277277200.00%
1 zeu beţiv Xdye DF SW11272872800.00%
3 zei beţivi Xdye DF SW11278478400.00%
Cimitirul gina (1) Xdye DF SW11279379300.00%
4 zei beţivi Xdye DF SW11280380300.00%
5 zei beţivi Xdye DF SW11275875800.00%
Cimitirul Un-q Xdye DF SW11276976900.00%
W.C.o.v.i.c. Xdye DF SW11267867800.00%
Xdye Xdye DF SW11296196100.00%
9 zei beţivi Xdye DF SW11256256200.00%
Cimitirul Goryan Xdye DF SW11281781700.00%
Cimitirul Samson Xdye DF SW11259459400.00%
Cimitirul Cylon Xdye DF SW11288988900.00%
Rainbow Hanny DF SW11268568500.00%
Rain Hanny DF SW11263363300.00%
Butterflies Hanny DF SW11278978900.00%
Thunder Hanny DF SW11288088000.00%
Nihil sine numini Hanny DF SW1121013101300.00%
Star Hanny DF SW11293893800.00%
Clouds Hanny DF SW11292392300.00%
Desire Hanny DF SW11260160100.00%
Silence again Hanny DF SW11225325300.00%
Wings Hanny DF SW11295595500.00%
Pain Hanny DF SW11242842800.00%
Satisfaction Hanny DF SW11285585500.00%
Hope Hanny DF SW11291291200.00%
16 dinbuzau DF SW11255255200.00%
19 dinbuzau DF SW11214014000.00%
7 dinbuzau DF SW11266466400.00%
15 dinbuzau DF SW11258058000.00%
4 dinbuzau DF SW11285285200.00%
6 dinbuzau DF SW11285985900.00%
14 dinbuzau DF SW11291491400.00%
3 dinbuzau DF SW11281181100.00%
11 dinbuzau DF SW11269869800.00%
dinbuzau dinbuzau DF SW11294994900.00%
22 dinbuzau DF SW11224124100.00%
18 dinbuzau DF SW11281081000.00%
5 dinbuzau DF SW11275975900.00%
8 dinbuzau DF SW11296196100.00%
21 dinbuzau DF SW11269669600.00%
2 dinbuzau DF SW11279579500.00%
10 dinbuzau DF SW11277177100.00%
9 dinbuzau DF SW11273273200.00%
17 dinbuzau DF SW11236736700.00%
12 dinbuzau DF SW11282782700.00%
DeI dinbuzau DF SW11283783700.00%
20 dinbuzau DF SW11267567500.00%