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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Surus, Vigo, Rhobar and Mufassa Switzerland

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Kadok, Abe, Luca and Arokkh Federated states of micronesia

Server statistics

Alliances 24
Players: 309
Villages: 3,407
Population: 2,117,811
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
..::[00]::.. Ethernus SN WW1010101000.00%
..::[16]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW90390300.00%
..::[30]::.. Ethernus SN WW90890800.00%
..::[29]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW96296200.00%
..::[41]::.. Ethernus SN WW67367300.00%
..::[01]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW94594500.00%
..::[08]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW94694600.00%
..::[37]::.. Ethernus SN WW85485400.00%
..::[06]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW94494400.00%
..::[04]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW94494400.00%
..::[23]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW91891800.00%
..::[19]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW92392300.00%
..::[02]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW88888800.00%
..::[33]::.. E Ethernus SN WW99499400.00%
..::[21]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW91891800.00%
..::[07]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW89289200.00%
..::[40]::.. Ethernus SN WW61861800.00%
..::[03]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW92792700.00%
..::[32]::.. E Ethernus SN WW98498400.00%
..::[15]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW94194100.00%
..::[22]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW92392300.00%
..::[26]::.. E Ethernus SN WW92392300.00%
..::[25]::.. E Ethernus SN WW90790700.00%
..::[14]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW92592500.00%
..::[24]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW91891800.00%
..::[12]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW94194100.00%
..::[11]::.. ET Ethernus SN WW91191100.00%
GOLD abdul MARRETAS56356300.00%
Luis Goudin ikaneill ikaneill MARRETAS59259200.00%
UNIÂO O Corvo MARRETAS72772700.00%
Chelaaaas anacat MAFIA60360300.00%
ILHA robertone MAFIA14614600.00%
Ilha Encantada robertone MAFIA46246200.00%
invisivel invisivel MARRETAS33333300.00%
aldeia dos mortos I dragon ball z MARRETAS62662600.00%
aldeia dos mortos II dragon ball z MARRETAS13313300.00%
aldeia dos mortos dragon ball z MARRETAS77177100.00%
UNIÃO Gladiador MARRETAS38838800.00%
Quinta4 do Qualnhick Qualnhick DNB727200.00%
Quinta do Qualnhick Qualnhick DNB66466400.00%
Quinta3 do Qualnhick Qualnhick DNB10910900.00%
Quinta2 do Qualnhick Qualnhick DNB55055000.00%
Spartacus Thanathos MARRETAS27527500.00%
eny joão irene e joão MARRETAS51051000.00%
A brunoandre MARRETAS49749700.00%
juka3 juka MARRETAS39739700.00%
juka 4 juka MARRETAS13613600.00%
juka 2 juka MARRETAS56756700.00%
aldeia assombrada filipe sousa MAFIA40840800.00%