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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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18-Feb RandallGor shouted:
Daro, Derek, Hassan and Mirzo Nepal

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Server statistics

Alliances 24
Players: 309
Villages: 3,407
Population: 2,117,811
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
TROVOADA lopes&jose SN1342134200.00%
Silent rodev SN NOObz1305130500.00%
Mabs02 Mabuste SN TG1211121100.00%
Rua LG2 kam 8 traidora StrTeamX1204120400.00%
GANG DO FUMO kina SN TG1180118000.00%
Aldeia do Antonio Labrador SN WW1176117600.00%
1a-Silent RCP SN TG1173117300.00%
-Z- zerato SN WW1163116300.00%
[02] Iakamura SN1160116000.00%
Silent NOOBS Aventura SN NOObz1150115000.00%
03) SPORTING CP TOJO StrTeamK1140114000.00%
Silent - P.R [01] God of war SN NOObz1139113900.00%
#00 - Juliano Sirius Black SN NOObz1134113400.00%
02 - Lady A IRA SN TG1132113200.00%
Silent 3 rodev SN NOObz1128112800.00%
gulosa gulosa SN TG1127112700.00%
Silent 5 rodev SN NOObz1126112600.00%
Silent 6 rodev SN NOObz1125112500.00%
Silent ronha SN TG1119111900.00%
[00].Street Fighter© Aioros SN1107110700.00%
Alfa falcao5 StrTeamX1098109800.00%
0.0-Alvix Labrador SN WW1097109700.00%
Arze-4- Undertaker SN TG1096109600.00%
[00]. sdrc_poa SN1093109300.00%
royal flush poker SN1089108900.00%
Silent Capelasvillage SN1088108800.00%
Silent LordGalho SN TG1083108300.00%
UniãO pikeno StrTeamK1082108200.00%
B4 zerato SN WW1082108200.00%
Silent spiky SN1080108000.00%
Silent NOOBS johnnyferro SN TG1077107700.00%
O.M.D Megalodon SN TG1076107600.00%
Jeden 1 scipio SN NOObz1071107100.00%
Silent NOOBS shaya SN1069106900.00%
Carapêtos C1 nunonfca SN TG1068106800.00%
Silent NOOBS Claudiogomes SN1066106600.00%
Silent NOOBS Missao SN1066106600.00%
Paris campo2 StrTeamK1062106200.00%
Silent NOOBS canuno SN TG1060106000.00%
Silent NOOBS unforgiven SN NOObz1056105600.00%
Mabs03 Mabuste SN TG1055105500.00%
Silent 1 rodev SN NOObz1055105500.00%
RUA LG1 Patton StrTeamX1051105100.00%
Sparta carlex SN1049104900.00%
Silent NOOBS AGARF SN TG1049104900.00%
[16] T-Raveanos Abcedario SN1049104900.00%
Mabs10 Mabuste SN TG1048104800.00%
[26]OhhThoseRussianS Abcedario SN1047104700.00%
01 bomba .1047104700.00%
[01] Riba-Ul Abcedario SN1046104600.00%