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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Dec KillianBabenty shouted:
Finley, Goran, Gunock and Boss Bolivia

19-Dec Varekdiriugs shouted:
Peer, Konrad, Gnar and Chenor Antigua and barbuda

19-Dec AbbasANARA shouted:
Mojok, Torn, Yussuf and Redge Burkina faso

19-Dec KliffCon shouted:
Basir, Ballock, Ugo and Merdarion Rwanda

19-Dec Killianfum shouted:
Julio, Vatras, Thorus and Lester Hungary

Server statistics

Alliances 128
Players: 914
Villages: 7,991
Population: 4,962,616
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
..XV Stumbras ŚwC70070000.00%
21 MordoTyMoja ŚwC62062000.00%
17 Paweł&Gaweł ŚwC60160100.00%
weeds Stumbras ŚwC59959900.00%
.e Stumbras ŚwC60860800.00%
15 Sexsocholiczka cienkibolek ŚwC37837800.00%
22 MordoTyMoja ŚwC29629600.00%
cudna B*** znudzony ŚwC11311300.00%
cudowna B*** znudzony ŚwC11711700.00%
B****Cudeńko kicek99 ŚwC28428400.00%
24 MordoTyMoja ŚwC37537500.00%
solina Stumbras ŚwC55555500.00%
23 MordoTyMoja ŚwC43643600.00%
00. Cud-owna Madzia Uruk ŚwC77477400.00%
00. d Skromna Madzia Uruk ŚwC67567500.00%
cropik 9c Wygnaniec ŚwC57257200.00%
Nowa osada vykidaylo ŚwC29829800.00%
00. e-Madzia Uruk ŚwC16616600.00%
15.1. Smerfetka Uruk ŚwC626200.00%
1.Jeden Awers ŚwC1128112800.00%
01. Danse Macabre Sejton ŚwC70170100.00%
Majonez Majonez ŚwC75875800.00%
05. Różowe Misie Sejton ŚwC86186100.00%
Bella ŚwC88988900.00%
06.Pierworodna Sejton ŚwC76576500.00%
Vatt vykidaylo ŚwC55755700.00%
gumiś robert666 ŚwC54354300.00%
25 Wygnaniec ŚwC484800.00%
Nowa osada patrykk ^^282800.00%
-i- patrykk ^^848400.00%
-h- patrykk ^^22322300.00%
-g- patrykk ^^29829800.00%
-f- patrykk ^^35835800.00%
-e- patrykk ^^45045000.00%
-d- patrykk ^^60060000.00%
Nowa osada piotrus ^^181800.00%
Nowa osada piotrus ^^727200.00%
NARĄBANIEC piotrus ^^25625600.00%
PIJUS piotrus ^^39339300.00%
NAGRZANY piotrus ^^53153100.00%
OCHLAPUS piotrus ^^55555500.00%
NAŁUG piotrus ^^61261200.00%
Osada: piotrus piotrus ^^76576500.00%
MOCZYMORDA piotrus ^^54754700.00%
PYCHOTKA piotrus ^^69369300.00%
-b- patrykk ^^80680600.00%
-c- patrykk ^^68268200.00%
Osada: patrykk1 patrykk ^^77377300.00%
ALKOCHOLIK piotrus ^^88188100.00%
SMAKOSZ piotrus ^^82582500.00%