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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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15-Jun SerukStaiftTig shouted:
Ingvar, Cyrus, Tempeck and Mine-Boss Haiti

15-Jun AsaruStusuax shouted:
Charles, Sanford, Gorok and Rhobar Bolivia

15-Jun Edwinopton shouted:
Invest $ 15,000 in Bitcoin once and get $ 70,000 passive income per month

15-Jun BarrackEmpoPle shouted:
Barrack, Arakos, Sancho and Ugrasal Sao tome and principe

15-Jun DarylAmetimpup shouted:
Jaroll, Osmund, Bogir and Hanson Belgium

Server statistics

Alliances 45
Players: 257
Villages: 2,724
Population: 1,730,855
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
[05]F.E.A.R. pyskol RONIN89589500.00%
[08]Kret Wpadł! :) pyskol RONIN86586500.00%
[02]Cimmerians pyskol RONIN1022102200.00%
Nowa osada pyskol RONIN17917900.00%
Nowa osada pyskol RONIN70670600.00%
[07]Mars pyskol RONIN88088000.00%
Osa pyskol RONIN78678600.00%
[04]Confessor pyskol RONIN91791700.00%
[10]WakaWaka pyskol RONIN77177100.00%
[03]Gaius1984 pyskol RONIN1014101400.00%
[01]Krowi Placek pyskol RONIN94594500.00%
żelazna dama fiol72 RONIN95795700.00%
Nadia:) fiol72 RONIN94494400.00%
Łany fiol72 RONIN90990900.00%
debrza fiol72 RONIN94794700.00%
messer fiol72 RONIN1111111100.00%
huta fiol72 RONIN96396300.00%
F3 fiol72 RONIN91591500.00%
łupek fiol72 RONIN91791700.00%
AN fiol72 RONIN93793700.00%
Zaścianek fiol72 RONIN95795700.00%
Nowa osada fiol72 RONIN58758700.00%
F1 fiol72 RONIN89589500.00%
poletko fiol72 RONIN91191100.00%
brzezina fiol72 RONIN95995900.00%
ruda fiol72 RONIN96896800.00%
F2 fiol72 RONIN75875800.00%
Nowa osada fiol72 RONIN41641600.00%
Nowa osada fiol72 RONIN68268200.00%
Worlandia fiol72 RONIN96096000.00%
nowiny fiol72 RONIN70970900.00%
pretoria fiol72 RONIN96396300.00%
glinianka fiol72 RONIN94894800.00%
Nowa osada fiol72 RONIN14114100.00%
niwa fiol72 RONIN83883800.00%
Madusiowo 10 Mleczko RONIN64564500.00%
Madusiowo 14 Mleczko RONIN18918900.00%
Madusiowo 11 Mleczko RONIN34834800.00%
Madusiowo 15 Mleczko RONIN80880800.00%
Madusiowo 9 Mleczko RONIN62162100.00%
Madusiowo 7 Mleczko RONIN85185100.00%
Madusiowo 13 Mleczko RONIN19719700.00%
Madusiowo 5 Mleczko RONIN87887800.00%
Madusiowo 12 Mleczko RONIN31131100.00%
Madusiowo 8 Mleczko RONIN75675600.00%
Madusiowo 6 Mleczko RONIN82882800.00%
Madusiowo 2 Mleczko RONIN93293200.00%
Madusiowo 4 Mleczko RONIN84984900.00%
Madusiowo 1 Mleczko RONIN1186118600.00%
Madusiowo 3 Mleczko RONIN87387300.00%