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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Oct TipplerSn shouted:
Marik, Kasim, Osko and Fadi Netherlands

16-Oct Givessei shouted:
Torn, Zarkos, Pyran and Trompok Comoros

16-Oct BozepSi shouted:
Hjalte, Keldron, Lee and Roland Suriname

16-Oct Kaleschmom shouted:
Jesper, Basir, Ugolf and Olivier Viet nam

16-Oct Roykl shouted:
Vasco, Hector, Murak and Hanson Nauru

Server statistics

Alliances 108
Players: 619
Villages: 5,289
Population: 2,849,438
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 08-07-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
♥Bug micros •UNO•™858300-558-65.03%
♘CAPITAL ♕ spamer Karma575116-459-79.83%
Oia Clubswinger [SoF]1017725-292-28.71%
03c micros •UNO•™480205-275-57.29%
Firostefani Clubswinger [SoF]939674-265-28.22%
0000-ORACLE Humabon SEJIANS1088826-262-24.08%
0.06 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™997739-258-25.88%
0.05 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™991733-258-26.03%
0.07 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™1004747-257-25.60%
0.01 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™1002748-254-25.35%
0.02 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™977724-253-25.90%
.01. darkjamerpogi wdluffy [SoF]1019770-249-24.44%
Fira Clubswinger [SoF]979740-239-24.41%
0.04 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™980742-238-24.29%
77 abakada420182-238-56.67%
♠ ⓀⒶⓇⓜⒶI spamer Karma813579-234-28.78%
0.08 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™917686-231-25.19%
Imerovigli Clubswinger [SoF]815584-231-28.34%
Athinios Clubswinger [SoF]820592-228-27.80%
ⓓⓐⓡⓚⓟⓗⓞⓔⓝⓘⓧ spamer Karma814586-228-28.01%
Otep Air Base kikiam2011 M vs U802574-228-28.43%
Def Mode Sandkeng U.S-LAWs795568-227-28.55%
. kikiam2011 M vs U868643-225-25.92%
Pyrgos Clubswinger [SoF]800575-225-28.13%
Neo Oia Clubswinger [SoF]822599-223-27.13%
. Teutonac •UNO•™1045822-223-21.34%
Patron t u l i s [SoF]882660-222-25.17%
Akrotiri Clubswinger [SoF]801579-222-27.72%
Megalochori Clubswinger [SoF]805585-220-27.33%
2.0 ralph_01 SEJIANS889670-219-24.63%
Absinthe t u l i s [SoF]899681-218-24.25%
Hennessy t u l i s [SoF]900682-218-24.22%
Johnny Walker t u l i s [SoF]889671-218-24.52%
Karterados Clubswinger [SoF]795579-216-27.17%
0.09 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™885670-215-24.29%
0.11 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™883672-211-23.90%
Frangelico t u l i s [SoF]883672-211-23.90%
J&B t u l i s [SoF]884674-210-23.76%
CM GMA SMMP744534-210-28.23%
Captain Morgan t u l i s [SoF]862654-208-24.13%
ATHOS athos U.S-LAWs812605-207-25.49%
0.10 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™872666-206-23.62%
2.1 ralph_01 SEJIANS848642-206-24.29%
0.12 Teutonac Teutonac •UNO•™842637-205-24.35%
kfc GMA SMMP799594-205-25.66%
Lagavulin t u l i s [SoF]857653-204-23.80%
WildCard Gym Ally Sandkeng U.S-LAWs742539-203-27.36%
01•Shell`s Town nhess SALTIK1017816-201-19.76%
baguio yomi ORACLE566366-200-35.34%
Jack Daniels t u l i s [SoF]923723-200-21.67%