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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 49
Players: 381
Villages: 5,228
Population: 3,531,668
Last updated: 22-01-2013
Server started: 13-12-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 15-Jand. 22-Jangrowthgrowth in %
A. Aardbeievlaai Vlaaienfabriek Solid1073107300.00%
mierlo nielsku99099000.00%
Asahi Denost Solid76976900.00%
00. Trance Legends rdlm LOL15415400.00%
Het Zwarte Schaap Perry Rhodan Solid1044104400.00%
00 Perro perro Solid1037103700.00%
01. Grote Smurf Smurf Solid1150115000.00%
03 R.J. Dio Holy Diver only76576500.00%
#Beautiful lucky clover Solid91991900.00%
#iets gezelligs lucky clover Solid87187100.00%
leiden aukejan Solid89889800.00%
01 Heilige graal Maagden BAZEN16816800.00%
01 Hesiodus seascorpion PREMIUM!66866800.00%
A01 The StartUP RaGgendeBaS Solid1050105000.00%
00 redele only1029102900.00%
17Only Cheeta only1000100000.00%
01.G Alesia FuPivorix PREMIUM!49249200.00%
+20 Atlantis Loder Solid1034103400.00%
+27 Atlantis Loder Solid86286200.00%
03. Dashel Puc Solid84084000.00%
05. Judge Jury And briantje2 Solid81481400.00%
The Best gladiator DT1024102400.00%
Aankara Tha Solid88388300.00%
01A Parel Solid98198100.00%
+19 Atlantis Loder Solid91191100.00%
+28 Atlantis Loder Solid68668600.00%
+00 Atlantis Loder Solid88188100.00%
01 iets leuks war and lucky BAZEN79079000.00%
11. Puc1 Puc Solid97797700.00%
31. Milamber Puc Solid82582500.00%
d1 The Universe Solid96896800.00%
0 Atlantis Atlan Solid99799700.00%
senator sar 1 senator sar only83683600.00%
24. Streak 20-0 !! briantje2 Solid94994900.00%
01. The Undertaker briantje2 Solid1056105600.00% partypower Solid98798700.00%
00 Viewpoint Watcher Solid72772700.00%
*16 Solid! wesmen Solid85685600.00%
Yolantia Impact Solid93993900.00%
Berlijnse Muur jopje PREMIUM!89789700.00%
F17 Algemeen Fonds monopoly Solid87987900.00%
22. Valentijn Puc Solid96396300.00%
01 Jozef Judith76476400.00%
01.Landmaster Jolatis PREMIUM!71671600.00%
01-pizza Michello87487400.00%
19. Erland Puc Solid92992900.00%
21. Jommy Puc Solid91491400.00%
KTM KTM DT1103110300.00%
MeatLoaf thea pieper Gasoline1118111800.00%
happy Dorp klaveren Æ1190119000.00%