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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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will they update this tool

Server statistics

Alliances 49
Players: 381
Villages: 5,228
Population: 3,531,668
Last updated: 22-01-2013
Server started: 13-12-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 15-Jand. 22-Jangrowthgrowth in %
18. Aglaranna Puc Solid90190100.00%
08. Miranda Puc Solid79479400.00%
17. Kulgan Puc Solid95295200.00%
03. Dashel Puc Solid84084000.00%
28. Pater Tully Puc Solid55655600.00%
25. Martin Langboog Puc Solid83983900.00%
26. Laurie Puc Solid74074000.00%
07. Mara Puc Solid83683600.00%
01. Arutha Puc Solid84184100.00%
05. Zilverhavikklauw Puc Solid86886800.00%
13. Thomas Puc Solid74774700.00% partypower Solid88288200.00% partypower Solid98798700.00% partypower Solid121200.00% partypower Solid94994900.00% partypower Solid89389300.00% partypower Solid92992900.00% partypower Solid88188100.00% partypower Solid82782700.00% partypower Solid65365300.00% partypower Solid84184100.00% partypower Solid96696600.00% partypower Solid76176100.00% partypower Solid85285200.00% partypower Solid83583500.00% partypower Solid94894800.00% partypower Solid84284200.00% partypower Solid86686600.00% partypower Solid90890800.00% partypower Solid69069000.00% partypower Solid86186100.00% partypower Solid85685600.00% partypower Solid86986900.00% partypower Solid79479400.00% partypower Solid16316300.00%* partypower Solid32432400.00% partypower Solid74074000.00% partypower Solid88088000.00% partypower Solid82882800.00%* partypower Solid77377300.00%* partypower Solid53353300.00% partypower Solid60960900.00% partypower Solid66666600.00% partypower Solid18118100.00% partypower Solid80980900.00% partypower Solid83383300.00% partypower Solid84884800.00% partypower Solid94994900.00% partypower Solid82582500.00% partypower Solid87287200.00%