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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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15-Jul Gembakhop shouted:
Arokkh, Amul, Mojok and Jaroll Azerbaijan

15-Jul SvenInelp shouted:
Killian, Konrad, Nasib and Milten Madagascar

15-Jul Fadisog shouted:
Fraser, Milten, Ali and Kapotth Switzerland

15-Jul MuratLurgize shouted:
Julio, Hengley, Anktos and Nerusul Ethiopia

15-Jul GanckaItamb shouted:
Aldo, Jaroll, Jared and Tamkosch Germany

Server statistics

Alliances 49
Players: 381
Villages: 5,228
Population: 3,531,668
Last updated: 22-01-2013
Server started: 13-12-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 15-Jand. 22-Jangrowthgrowth in %
Z.Bra lucky clover Solid58158100.00%
N.Bingo lucky clover Solid77077000.00%
W.Blief lucky clover Solid60560500.00%
U.Bocht lucky clover Solid77677600.00%
4.MacKenzie lucky clover Solid79479400.00%
Q.Bus lucky clover Solid83883800.00%
R.Barmen lucky clover Solid98898800.00%
J.Boft lucky clover Solid68168100.00%
5.Claire lucky clover Solid98898800.00%
K.Baal lucky clover Solid94394300.00%
I.Biza lucky clover Solid75975900.00%
L.Bow lucky clover Solid57157100.00%
M.Bargo lucky clover Solid84584500.00%
C.Nooppunt lucky clover Solid46146100.00%
E.Bay lucky clover Solid78878800.00%
Y.Believe lucky clover Solid56156100.00%
X.Box lucky clover Solid76476400.00%
2.CrossCreek lucky clover Solid67267200.00%
P.rima lucky clover Solid91691600.00%
3.SevenSisters lucky clover Solid83083000.00%
#iets gezelligs lucky clover Solid87187100.00%
V.Borgen lucky clover Solid60660600.00%
T.Blad lucky clover Solid91691600.00%
D.Buurman lucky clover Solid85485400.00%
A.bracadabra lucky clover Solid95895800.00%
19. Hells Gate briantje2 Solid28328300.00%
07. DeckAge Of briantje2 Solid84384300.00%
02. My Jard briantje2 Solid91691600.00%
17. Destruction briantje2 Solid54254200.00%
24. Streak 20-0 !! briantje2 Solid94994900.00%
09. The American briantje2 Solid72372300.00%
03. The Phenom briantje2 Solid1049104900.00%
08. Destruction briantje2 Solid79779700.00%
10. BadAss briantje2 Solid77677600.00%
04. The Deadman briantje2 Solid1037103700.00%
16. Brothers Of briantje2 Solid82382300.00%
05. Judge Jury And briantje2 Solid81481400.00%
14. Paul Bearer briantje2 Solid72872800.00%
26. Of Darkness briantje2 Solid898900.00%
22. The Undefeated briantje2 Solid11811800.00%
12. Darkness briantje2 Solid63863800.00%
18. DeadMan Inc. briantje2 Solid71271200.00%
13. The Holy Grale briantje2 Solid95495400.00%
23. WrestleMania briantje2 Solid10110100.00%
20. The Immortal. briantje2 Solid59359300.00%
11. Ministry Of briantje2 Solid98398300.00%
06. Executioner briantje2 Solid98598500.00%
21. Undertaker. briantje2 Solid55855800.00%
15. DeadMan Walking briantje2 Solid86086000.00%
01. The Undertaker briantje2 Solid1056105600.00%