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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Aug jimmieeq18 shouted:
Fresh about bellhop as project

21-Aug VakOa shouted:
Runak, Benito, Enzo and Gnar Norway

21-Aug Justintic shouted:
Сумка в роддом

21-Aug uyoxoxcep shouted:
Clients why, explicitly lyse silastic flood contracture.

21-Aug Georgetrime shouted:
Коллекционирование — популярное хобби

Server statistics

Alliances 147
Players: 791
Villages: 10,290
Population: 7,018,927
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
Tarja lahoc 71526152600.00%
1.08 Doink Elmo Triple G1493149300.00%
02 Lola Lola Love Faith1336133600.00%
Kattenbroek kazaa423 oeoepsLB1312131200.00%
08 Sweet & Sour Qube Triple G1279127900.00%
alken Dorp 1 alken C.D.M.1276127600.00%
01. Johnny Depp Kayleigh1 Faith1260126000.00%
1. first old one drop_it1254125400.00%
akercityo baashaas1254125400.00%
1: Het Bier Dorp Chrissie Wodan1254125400.00%
200. Defunit Lusje 71253125300.00%
Tinker tinker STEEN1238123800.00%
01 Sim Simmy Omertà1237123700.00%
drop´s Dorp de decker CSS1237123700.00%
Hookersheaven SlayerNl CSS1231123100.00%
0 Dikkies Dorp Dikkie250 Triple G1229122900.00%
[02] asasin creed II wolverine 71224122400.00%
01 Dorp Slager 71218121800.00%
05. Etterbak!! skidzophrenik Xaverius1217121700.00%
Xylon Madsen Faith1215121500.00%
02 Ubiquist Qube Triple G1214121400.00%
HD brazil Faith1213121300.00%
A. 3 metaalverf C.D.M.1209120900.00%
Boracay Gala&Sokkie Xaverius1205120500.00%
X Coolman Faith1198119800.00%
A.01_HQ Zeas666 oeoepsLB1198119800.00%
02 villa nero keizer Nero 71195119500.00%
stal rudi62 STEEN1194119400.00%
MienToentje.1 WoistYaWel C.D.M.1180118000.00%
02. K.E.R.S OmeBernie 71180118000.00%
300 Premium Pilsner Feelbest C.D.M.1178117800.00%
01.Nederland Vegeta Faith1177117700.00%
02 Circle Faith1176117600.00%
B Wishful Thinker 71174117400.00%
[A01] Maimi ☆ moonwalker -L.T-1163116300.00%
Duindorp mi1 V.G.1162116200.00%
A-02 posca 71161116100.00%
1.0 _SNOW1160116000.00%
18. Sayo & Nara Qube Triple G1156115600.00%
Devils gladiators Wodan1155115500.00%
01.Napoli Vittorio Wodan1155115500.00%
01 Metallica bassie 666 -DK-1155115500.00%
1:Loco hullefrulle CSS1152115200.00%
003 pijnen Omertà1149114900.00%
A00. Nederland martino Omertà1148114800.00%
X Bloemkool Kaassaus1148114800.00%
01.dobus griet CSS1147114700.00%
foutje bedankt:D Los Onderdikos WW1146114600.00%
A. jeffreyth CSS1145114500.00%
02. Rillanon Rickert oeoepsLB1142114200.00%