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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Jul Billylef shouted:

16-Jul GolemowIlya19986 shouted:
Renwik, Phil, Hernando and Inog Liberia

16-Jul EzhewikinaEwdokiya9 shouted:
Hogar, Lars, Gunock and Rasul Sri lanka

16-Jul MakarZherebilov995 shouted:
Musan, Kadok, Raid and Volkar Cayman islands

16-Jul AndreeshhewPavel975 shouted:
Gancka, Pranck, Peratur and Steve Bulgaria

Server statistics

Alliances 76
Players: 831
Villages: 10,060
Population: 6,511,046
Last updated: 07-02-2012
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 31-Jand. 07-Febgrowthgrowth in %
24 SHoT|NW™ Lynx SHoT|NW™47747700.00%
26 SHoT|NW™ Lynx SHoT|NW™51051000.00%
23 SHoT|NW™ Lynx SHoT|NW™54354300.00%
22 SHoT|NW™ Lynx SHoT|NW™51351300.00%
21 SHoT|NW™#¹ Lynx SHoT|NW™62562500.00%
27 SHoT|NW™ Lynx SHoT|NW™48148100.00%
03 SHoT|NW™# Lynx SHoT|NW™99299200.00%
29 SHoT|NW™ Lynx SHoT|NW™70770700.00%
28 SHoT|NW™#¹ Lynx SHoT|NW™85985900.00%
SHoT|NW™² Lynx SHoT|NW™1002100200.00%
04 SHoT|NW™# Lynx SHoT|NW™87987900.00%
17 SHoT|NW™#²@¹ Lynx SHoT|NW™73573500.00%
01 SHoT|NW™¹ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™78778700.00%
03 SHoT|NW™ @ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™85585500.00%
02 SHoT|NW™ @ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™85185100.00%
Kota Keramat SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™85985900.00%
05 SHoT|NW™ @ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™78178100.00%
10 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™39939900.00%
08 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™42842800.00%
07 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™55955900.00%
06 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™69969900.00%
04 SHoT|NW™ @ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™79179100.00%
13 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™28128100.00%
11 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™37337300.00%
09 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™44044000.00%
17 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™404000.00%
16 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™10810800.00%
15 SHoT|NW™ SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™16216200.00%
14 SHoT|NW™15 SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™22622600.00%
00 SHoT|NW™# SYed CaSTIeL SHoT|NW™90390300.00%
11 SHoT|NW™ Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™535300.00%
09 SHoT|NW™ WW# Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™65365300.00%
04 sUngAi_LuI Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™71271200.00%
06 hGwy_kaRak# Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™74874800.00%
10 SHoT|NW™ WW Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™51551500.00%
05 ChaManG# Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™1012101200.00%
07 daNaU_kOtA# Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™81481400.00%
08 toL_GoMbAk Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™68568500.00%
02 eSpLaNadE# Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™1009100900.00%
03 nEw_YoRk# Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™99699600.00%
01Cr@zYSHoT|NW™ Profesor_Crazy SHoT|NW™1126112600.00%
~[10] SHoT|NW™ Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™141400.00%
~[09] SHoT|NW™ Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™282800.00%
~[07] SHoT|NW™ Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™818100.00%
~[08] SHoT|NW™ Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™909000.00%
~[05] SHoT|NW™ Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™36036000.00%
~[06] SHoT|NW™ Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™27827800.00%
SHoT|NW™ Gr@y Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™63363300.00%
~[03] SHoT|NW™ Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™54154100.00%
~[04] SHoT|NW™ Dorsan Gray SHoT|NW™53253200.00%