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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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26-Sep uyahephihug shouted:
Western murdered, t11:22 transosseous wall.

26-Sep Kadokcop shouted:
Kliff, Gamal, Jorn and Kor-Shach Belize

26-Sep ZarkosSict shouted:
Kelvin, Gelford, Corwyn and Zuben Belize

26-Sep MarcusOn shouted:
Charles, Chris, Nefarius and Marik Algeria

25-Sep MitchVelp shouted:
Avogadro, Kalan, Aschnu and Ronar Estonia

Server statistics

Alliances 76
Players: 831
Villages: 10,060
Population: 6,511,046
Last updated: 07-02-2012
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 31-Jand. 07-Febgrowthgrowth in %
07 KOTA DAMSYIK kentang SHoT|NW™19419400.00%
00 SHoT|NW™ kentang SHoT|NW™96496400.00%
06 KOTA BABYLON kentang SHoT|NW™33533500.00%
03 KOTA METROSINAR# kentang SHoT|NW™77777700.00%
05 KOTA KENTANG kentang SHoT|NW™52852800.00%
04 KOTA METRORIA# kentang SHoT|NW™68768700.00%
01 KOTA METROFULUS# kentang SHoT|NW™99299200.00%
Kampung baru ghost77 SHoT|NW™8800.00%
SHOT ghost77 SHoT|NW™59959900.00%
ghost80 ghost77 SHoT|NW™12612600.00%
SHoT ghost77 SHoT|NW™82382300.00%
ghost79 ghost77 SHoT|NW™29029000.00%
ghost77 ghost77 SHoT|NW™75975900.00%
ghost78 ghost77 SHoT|NW™43243200.00%
A03 v!lL sUpPoRt RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™45845800.00%
B07 R3x sUpP0rT~IV RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™33033000.00%
B06 R3x sUpP0rT III RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™37337300.00%
B01 C@p!t@l RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™86486400.00%
B08 15c v!lL@g3~I RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™52452400.00%
B02 R3x pP~I RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™99199100.00%
Kampung baru RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™2200.00%
A05 v!lL sUpPoRt RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™25225200.00%
Kampung baru RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™18018000.00%
Kampung baru RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™747400.00%
Kampung baru RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™20220200.00%
A04 v!lL sUpPoRt RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™28028000.00%
B05 R3x sUpP0rT II RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™80580500.00%
A01 1sT v!lL@g3~pP RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™98998900.00%
A02 v!lL sUpPoRt RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™74274200.00%
B09 15c v!lL@g3~II RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™60260200.00%
B03 R3x pP~II RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™90290200.00%
B04 R3x sUpP0rT I RexonA4Men SHoT|NW™87087000.00%
08 Pening.. Feeq145 SHoT|NW™44544500.00%
WWFeeQ Feeq145 SHoT|NW™31031000.00%
07 SHoT Feeq145 SHoT|NW™66066000.00%
06 SHoT Feeq145 SHoT|NW™65065000.00%
05 SHoT Feeq145 SHoT|NW™71171100.00%
02 SHoT Feeq145 SHoT|NW™84084000.00%
04 SHoT Feeq145 SHoT|NW™90090000.00%
03 SHoT Feeq145 SHoT|NW™89789700.00%
01 SHoT Feeq145 SHoT|NW™1070107000.00%
Kampung baru superman9647 SHoT|NW™161600.00%
[9] smallville superman9647 SHoT|NW™17717700.00%
[8] smallville superman9647 SHoT|NW™45245200.00%
[2] -smallville superman9647 SHoT|NW™86386300.00%
[7] smallville superman9647 SHoT|NW™58158100.00%
[5] smallville superman9647 SHoT|NW™67167100.00%
[4] -smallville superman9647 SHoT|NW™74374300.00%
[6] smallville superman9647 SHoT|NW™63063000.00%
[3] -smallville superman9647 SHoT|NW™79279200.00%