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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 49
Players: 552
Villages: 6,235
Population: 3,919,055
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 10-05-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
GTO911 GHOST-b4004400400.00%
lang kota TFC 69102751027500.00%
Dirahasiakan GHOST-a114681146800.00%
Monkey D.Luffy TFC69SE4821482100.00%
weirdo GHOST147071470700.00%
Odez TFC 69122631226300.00%
Kakarot KinG NeW177091770900.00%
Crystal TitaN7665766500.00%
TiKaR TeRBanG TFC69SE278072780700.00%
caps TFC 69114221142200.00%
DM500 TFC69SE218482184800.00%
dUE A Team™256202562000.00%
stead A Team™234872348700.00%
Genji TFC69SE205522055200.00%
hel TitaN60260200.00%
Aspire GHOST-a4900490000.00%
suresh07 KinG SW4609460900.00%
koskan GHOST-a3528352800.00%
Mujadid GHOST-b3243324300.00%
MrsAnggun TFC69SE217162171600.00%
zefo NGR™747400.00%
Solomon Kane TFC 69126611266100.00%
ucoxs GHOST-a119551195500.00%
townbot KinG SW122631226300.00%
brobok TFC 69121941219400.00%
elizabeth maria KinG NeW7993799300.00%
keledek KinG NW¹8224822400.00%
manfiz TFC 694845484500.00%
mofaawa KinG NeW148451484500.00%
joe_gaban GHOST-c129951299500.00%
Miss_She KinG NeW8453845300.00%
seroja TFC69SE9033903300.00%
RaJa GaUL KinG NeW169341693400.00%
sparrowz KinG NW3471347100.00%
stylo KinG NW¹262192621900.00%
aRAgoRn KinG NeW108251082500.00%
myfriendisagirl TitaN9791979100.00%
gate2hell GHOST-c160031600300.00%
Barat-Laut KinG NeW2936293600.00%
Spartacus KinG NW135731357300.00%
TaklukJagat KinG NW161581615800.00%
No name KinG NeW189011890100.00%
PENDITA GILA GHOST-a3624362400.00%
mofa KinG NeW9413941300.00%
subzero GHOST-b4660466000.00%
MekoM KinG NW¹5401540100.00%
persona KinG NW²7117711700.00%
joni ramones GHOST-c191951919500.00%
tester KinG NW8467846700.00%