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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 49
Players: 552
Villages: 6,235
Population: 3,919,055
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 10-05-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
b1 xerox xerox TFC 691001100100.00%
1 xerox xerox TFC 6995795700.00%
b4 xerox xerox TFC 6995195100.00%
b2 xerox xerox TFC 6997297200.00%
d3 xerox xerox TFC 6990090000.00%
c1 xerox xerox TFC 6989189100.00%
c5 xerox xerox TFC 6974474400.00%
e2 xerox xerox TFC 6987287200.00%
d2 xerox xerox TFC 6988488400.00%
c2 xerox xerox TFC 6990990900.00%
b5 xerox xerox TFC 6986986900.00%
w2 xerox xerox TFC 6960860800.00%
3 xerox xerox TFC 6960660600.00%
e4 xerox xerox TFC 6962662600.00%
b3 xerox xerox TFC 6994094000.00%
2 xerox xerox TFC 6993593500.00%
e3 xerox xerox TFC 6934334300.00%
a2 xerox xerox TFC 6970070000.00%
c3 xerox xerox TFC 6976476400.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6961761700.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6964664600.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6979379300.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6969769700.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6984984900.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6985285200.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6958058000.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6984984900.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6981181100.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6990990900.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6988388300.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6997097000.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6981981900.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6941841800.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6943243200.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6979279200.00%
sudulu caps TFC 69959500.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6964864800.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6977077000.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6958658600.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6971671600.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6972272200.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6967767700.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6968368300.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6969869800.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6968168100.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6967567500.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6978478400.00%
sudumu caps TFC 6920620600.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6965665600.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6958858800.00%