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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Mar JarockcinaReene shouted:
Larson, Roland, Grok and Nefarius Bahrain

20-Mar GambalImminly shouted:
Marus, Osko, Larson and Luca Nicaragua

20-Mar RaidMOF shouted:
Tangach, Tragak, Karlen and Campa Paraguay

20-Mar Tempeckneubdix shouted:
Yasmin, Kadok, Carlos and Vigo Mauritius

20-Mar JesperSoushiZ shouted:
Daro, Rufus, Zakosh and Leif Thailand

Server statistics

Alliances 49
Players: 552
Villages: 6,235
Population: 3,919,055
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 10-05-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
KinG taylor taylor KinG NW²1153115300.00%
D@inG L@kU Daing KinG NeW82682600.00%
-Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ- popeye87887800.00%
DraGoN₀₁ DraGoNSiLVeR TFC 691014101400.00%
[NEW Family] fossil KinG NeW94394300.00%
fake morbid TFC 6989089000.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6988388300.00%
AO Dirahasiakan GHOST-a82582500.00%
MILIK TFC69SE Monkey D.Luffy TFC69SE81181100.00%
♋U1 Monkey D.Luffy TFC69SE37337300.00%
Sub01 weirdo GHOST92692600.00%
03 Odez TFC 6978378300.00%
KinG Kakarot KinG NeW1004100400.00%
TiKaRTeRBanG.6-15 TiKaR TeRBanG TFC69SE1021102100.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ caps TFC 6977077000.00%
♋01 DM500 TFC69SE73873800.00%
{!}02 - dUE dUE A Team™90590500.00%
{!}Steady stead A Team™96296200.00%
♋01 Řømá vĩćţøя Genji TFC69SE94494400.00%
Ghost Mujadid GHOST-b83883800.00%
♋-BlackHeart [0.1]- MrsAnggun TFC69SE99799700.00%
TJ tengku fendi TFC 6991791700.00%
Tiar R - 1 * VicrRos GHOST96596500.00%
Tiar R - 4 ** VicrRos GHOST93693600.00%
10 DRaGoN FRuiT eYo D. DRaGoN KinG WW1025102500.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ lang kota TFC 6990990900.00%
41. Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ Solomon Kane TFC 691006100600.00%
~69~ ucoxs GHOST-a1204120400.00%
Natar de7 townbot KinG SW95095000.00%
BANDAR KELEDEK keledek KinG NW¹51951900.00%
RH-CHILLIES mofaawa KinG NeW1364136400.00%
PP1 Miss_She KinG NeW88688600.00%
♋ White Horse seroja TFC69SE1041104100.00%
ヘジュアン 2 RaJa GaUL KinG NeW1096109600.00%
DooM sparrowz KinG NW93893800.00%
[00]-Yusmira Trading stylo KinG NW¹1135113500.00%
Mirkwood aRAgoRn KinG NeW72772700.00%
♋9+9+2 16DRaGoNFRuiT muja TFC69SE50550500.00%
Tiar R - 5 VicrRos GHOST83483400.00%
def leppard Barat-Laut KinG NeW93893800.00%
[NEW DEF] 1 Spartacus KinG NW1021102100.00%
AlamShaH_01 TaklukJagat KinG NW1022102200.00%
[0.1] Pirate Hunter No name KinG NeW1165116500.00%
Falax PENDITA GILA GHOST-a14314300.00%
F1-660cc mofa KinG NeW84984900.00%
Eclipse Blackurant subzero GHOST-b1073107300.00%
01 MekoM KinG NW¹69269200.00%
gen2 persona KinG NW²1023102300.00%
[02]rio ferdinand joni ramones GHOST-c1011101100.00%
2-pirate hunter tester KinG NW96696600.00%