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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 49
Players: 552
Villages: 6,235
Population: 3,919,055
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 10-05-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
TJ tengku fendi TFC 6991791700.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ tengku fendi TFC 6984484400.00%
support WW tengku fendi TFC 6957057000.00%
KB tengku fendi TFC 6954254200.00%
support tengku fendi TFC 69181800.00%
TJ 1 tengku fendi TFC 6983083000.00%
D tengku fendi TFC 6979179100.00%
support WW tengku fendi TFC 6950250200.00%
support WW tengku fendi TFC 6915915900.00%
support WW tengku fendi TFC 6923823800.00%
support WW tengku fendi TFC 6935835800.00%
WW Buildingplan tengku fendi TFC 6946646600.00%
support tengku fendi TFC 69121200.00%
D1 tengku fendi TFC 6981081000.00%
[F]Jeanne d Arc R97 tengku fendi TFC 6987787700.00%
Af a.. TFC 6981781700.00%
A15 a.. TFC 691034103400.00%
Ak a.. TFC 6962262200.00%
Ai a.. TFC 6970870800.00%
Aj a.. TFC 6967867800.00%
Al a.. TFC 6973173100.00%
A a.. TFC 6998198100.00%
Ah a.. TFC 6969069000.00%
A9 a.. TFC 6983183100.00%
Ad a.. TFC 6998398300.00%
Ag a.. TFC 6983883800.00%
Ac a.. TFC 691017101700.00%
A. a.. TFC 6942542500.00%
Ae a.. TFC 6992292200.00%
41. Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ Solomon Kane TFC 691006100600.00%
48. For Manny Solomon Kane TFC 6930630600.00%
34. Corinth Solomon Kane TFC 6957557500.00%
35. Mycenae Solomon Kane TFC 6977677600.00%
33. Athens Solomon Kane TFC 6964764700.00%
39. Tripoli Solomon Kane TFC 6967167100.00%
49. For Manny Solomon Kane TFC 6922222200.00%
40. Troy Solomon Kane TFC 6951051000.00%
47. For Manny Solomon Kane TFC 6940840800.00%
45. Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ Solomon Kane TFC 6943643600.00%
31. Sparta Solomon Kane TFC 6949249200.00%
43. Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ Solomon Kane TFC 6995595500.00%
52. For Manny Solomon Kane TFC 69323200.00%
46. For Manny Solomon Kane TFC 69959500.00%
50. For Manny Solomon Kane TFC 6918918900.00%
51. For Manny Solomon Kane TFC 6913513500.00%
42. Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ Solomon Kane TFC 6985085000.00%
44. Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ Solomon Kane TFC 6987587500.00%
38. Thebes Solomon Kane TFC 6988688600.00%
32. Argos Solomon Kane TFC 6984784700.00%
37. Tiryns Solomon Kane TFC 6986786700.00%