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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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как купить паспорт рф легально

Server statistics

Alliances 49
Players: 552
Villages: 6,235
Population: 3,919,055
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 10-05-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
RH-CHILLIES mofaawa KinG NeW1364136400.00%
Sengal 69 SeNGaL GHOST-b1357135700.00%
8am to 5pm only kulup KinG SW1265126500.00%
Spartan 300 don KinG NW¹1263126300.00%
☭*~Opss~* Sookie TitaN1251125100.00%
Born 2 Be KING jengking KinG SW1250125000.00%
♋1 muja TFC69SE1246124600.00%
KinG jolabu KinG NW²1246124600.00%
z koy TFC 691239123900.00%
WE ARE THE CHAMPION stylo KinG NW¹1228122800.00%
KinG Daing KinG NeW1225122500.00%
JOWO TEKOR lionking KinG NeW1224122400.00%
JOWO TEKOR korosaki08 KinG NW¹1219121900.00%
0000000001 PRU13 KinG SW1210121000.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ Kool TFC 691210121000.00%
~69~ ucoxs GHOST-a1204120400.00%
☭ GORGON 1 ariff TitaN1203120300.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ Kazuya1199119900.00%
{00} TiTaNiuM sword_axe KinG NW¹1196119600.00%
Orang Utan mango KinG NW²1194119400.00%
69²Squad Kg Pisang amirul irfan GHOST-b1185118500.00%
Pisang Tanduk sycho KinG SW1184118400.00%
DraGon Slayer kapal api KinG SW1183118300.00%
☭ 01 IpMaN Adidas&Nike TitaN1183118300.00%
Rovers Fuji Rovers GHOST-c1181118100.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ 501 SK Robin Hood TFC 691179117900.00%
♋ ADC KRONE kosmo TFC69SE1172117200.00%
Star Gate SG-1 kyberpass TitaN1168116800.00%
[0.1] Pirate Hunter No name KinG NeW1165116500.00%
JOWO TEKOR hyperz KinG NW¹1163116300.00%
JOWO TEKOR Trajan KinG NeW1159115900.00%
Wamora City rajasiber TFC 691155115500.00%
[01]wayne rooney joni ramones GHOST-c1154115400.00%
KinG taylor taylor KinG NW²1153115300.00%
{01} TiTaNiuM sword_axe KinG NW¹1153115300.00%
♋00 Řømá vĩćţøя Genji TFC69SE1139113900.00%
FcUK 2 Travian III KinG SW1139113900.00%
EGO :: A :: Boneka Besi KinG SW1139113900.00%
01| Okehazama ♛ Mitsurugi KinG SW1136113600.00%
[NEW FAMILY] Miss_She KinG NeW1135113500.00%
[00]-Yusmira Trading stylo KinG NW¹1135113500.00%
C.C. nightfury GHOST-a1135113500.00%
Kampung kazzynx kazzynx KinG NeW1134113400.00%
epyon 1☭ exsia TitaN1126112600.00%
69 rozack GHOST-a1125112500.00%
KinG rud_gonzalez07 KinG NW¹1124112400.00%
NeWW Icha143 KinG WW1122112200.00%
WE ARE THE CHAMPION RaJa GaUL KinG NeW1121112100.00%
Ƹ?Ӂ?Ʒ i_darth TFC 691117111700.00%
■□□□□□□□□□□ 4% blacknight GHOST-c1115111500.00%