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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

Latest news: 03-Mar

I'm seeking a developper to help me with the site. ... read more

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Server statistics

Alliances 61
Players: 403
Villages: 3,947
Population: 2,509,078
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 02-09-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
FiGHT WiTH AYAM TUKANG uWs[RE]865603-262-30.29%
006-♟ Dimple =)858616-242-28.21%
s.RED HAIR SHANKS Kim Kardashian =)807573-234-29.00%
-12- elnino UBER™512281-231-45.12%
2 WAY TRIP? scofield uWs[RE]1009801-208-20.61%
FiGHT WiTH HoNouR Dracula UBER™953790-163-17.10%
GGM Property Argon GGM™521374-147-28.21%
akatsuki of support kabereta77 UBER|PD™922776-146-15.84%
Kg.Pinang{14} rijal15 SEAL™731585-146-19.97%
Ada Aku Kesah? bunny [uWs] HT1039894-145-13.96%
Tanah Jajahan + 4 LoRd Of RoMe DiA DtG857712-145-16.92%
Zefora 1 zefo TLE™II16525-140-84.85%
-10- elnino UBER™524389-135-25.76%
-09- elnino UBER™581450-131-22.55%
-06- elnino UBER™724603-121-16.71%
[05]™ antoganis KING|HQ358238-120-33.52%
[02]kamikaze bahang rambang GGM™784665-119-15.18%
Tanah Jajahan + 3 LoRd Of RoMe DiA DtG895792-103-11.51%
-08- elnino UBER™609510-99-16.26%
-07- elnino UBER™686594-92-13.41%
UBER dah CHIEF IV tquah UBER|PD™683593-90-13.18%
Tanah Jajahan + 5 LoRd Of RoMe DiA DtG795727-68-8.55%
Lust beanto FOF™2303244-59-19.47%
Tanah Jajahan + 2 LoRd Of RoMe DiA DtG763706-57-7.47%
PM - 1005 Pak Maon TRUST™755702-53-7.02%
-05- elnino UBER™703653-50-7.11%
-Babai- Dimple =)1010964-46-4.55%
M10 cipun KING|HQ275231-44-16.00%
Busut♶ DreaMfear BuWsut™10891049-40-3.67%
eizam neuron [nGo]753713-40-5.31%
Ally BuWsut Hacker!! Seladang S^A^F ™12441206-38-3.05%
A^(●ڍ●)^A rothman 51days1024988-36-3.52%
[013] uWs(6c) vtec uWs[RE]960925-35-3.65%
-16- elnino UBER™399366-33-8.27%
ho-ho 4 horlick DiA DtG904872-32-3.54%
ho-ho 8 horlick DiA DtG758726-32-4.22%
NAH AMBIK KO shadow982952-30-3.05%
D Nami Chan SEAL™957928-29-3.03%
[03]Phantom Revenge BuWsut™769741-28-3.64%
[05]Revenge-N Revenge BuWsut™940913-27-2.87%
[11] Goblin Woods MBM BuWsut™944918-26-2.75%
blur raymand_sp SMR.C™402377-25-6.22%
Clay-4 Hanuman BuWsut™826801-25-3.03%
[07]Revenge-N Revenge BuWsut™969944-25-2.58%
Foxpro DreaMfear BuWsut™716693-23-3.21%
-13- elnino UBER™493470-23-4.67%
GengSTer MaxX FoF™779758-21-2.70%
[16] ♞15th Gnomes.D MBM BuWsut™937916-21-2.24%
07. Miyaki miyaki UBER™869850-19-2.19%
10PDC aku488 GGM™877858-19-2.17%