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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-Mar FlintDeX shouted:
Arokkh, Grubuz, Bradley and Tempeck Malaysia

25-Mar HogarSwiva shouted:
Sebastian, Ingvar, Dan and Boss Burkina faso

25-Mar Gorokrot shouted:
Grimboll, Eusebio, Agenak and Agenak Guyana

25-Mar MariusBoavaBymn shouted:
Yokian, Tizgar, Rendell and Sinikar Belarus

25-Mar GrompelIncurgY shouted:
Mezir, Gembak, Rakus and Gnar Fiji

Server statistics

Alliances 158
Players: 1,437
Villages: 11,964
Population: 7,053,854
Last updated: 16-05-2011
Server started: 17-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Mayd. 16-Maygrowthgrowth in %
[06] Inuzuka Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX57557500.00%
[11] Naruto Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX25325300.00%
[13] Sasuke Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX18218200.00%
[05] Akimichi Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX57357300.00%
[10] Ataksuki Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX27427400.00%
[15] Sakura Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX151500.00%
[14] Garra Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX232300.00%
[08] Ambu Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX46146100.00%
[01] Uchiha Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX1030103000.00%
[04] Uzumaki Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX78678600.00%
[09] Hebi Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX57757700.00%
[03]Aburame Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX83883800.00%
[02] Hyuga Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX98198100.00%
Konoha Carlitos2284 LUVELMAX1081108100.00%
Brujos LU VELMAX jonathan657 LUVELMAX22822800.00%
TRES LOKOS jonathan657 LUVELMAX59259200.00%
LU MV¡ jonathan657 LUVELMAX53253200.00%
LU MV jonathan657 LUVELMAX54054000.00%
VelmaX- jonathan657 LUVELMAX61561500.00%
LU MV! jonathan657 LUVELMAX56656600.00%
JHONATHAN657 jonathan657 LUVELMAX31131100.00%
TROYANO jonathan657 LUVELMAX35635600.00%
LUVELMAX jonathan657 LUVELMAX46346300.00%
VELMAX P jonathan657 LUVELMAX63363300.00%
LU MV- jonathan657 LUVELMAX10110100.00%
Pitufos jonathan657 LUVELMAX60360300.00%
DEATH Pitufos jonathan657 LUVELMAX68768700.00%
VELMAX jonathan657 LUVELMAX68368300.00%
W-Pitufos jonathan657 LUVELMAX70370300.00%
SEXO jonathan657 LUVELMAX1014101400.00%
KATA jonathan657 LUVELMAX66066000.00%
5 - Flu?????????? Toxik GA696900.00%
3 - FLU Toxik GA55755700.00%
4 - Flu Toxik GA42442400.00%
2 FLU Toxik GA71371300.00%
Toxik Toxik GA80580500.00%
05a Ezio Al mualim GA53353300.00%
B07 Venecia Al mualim GA28828800.00%
B04 Forli Al mualim GA76076000.00%
B08 El Vaticano Al mualim GA53453400.00%
B06 Roma Al mualim GA71471400.00%
02a Florencia Al mualim GA84484400.00%
03a Monteriggioni Al mualim GA85185100.00%
B09 Altair Al mualim GA58458400.00%
06a Desmont Al mualim GA42442400.00%
B05 La Toscana Al mualim GA78178100.00%
B02 Acre Al mualim GA77777700.00%
04a San Gimignano Al mualim GA83783700.00%
B03 Damasco Al mualim GA68468400.00%
B01 Jerusalen Al mualim GA54254200.00%